Bollywood Moms and their Parenting Mantras

Bollywood beauties are known for their good looks and style but at the same time, quite a few of them are also popular for their role as mothers. And believe us, they perform this role oh so perfectly!

Be it Madhuri Dixit Nene, or Kajol Devgan, they set perfect examples before us for mothers who maintain a healthy balance between their professional and personal lies. They have ensured that their kids grow up far from the limelight and emerge to be responsible and sensible adults. Also, they are quite particular about the eating habits of their kids like any other mother and quite a few number of time are found cooking their kids’ favorite meals!

Balancing their popularity with their mothering roles is quite a task, but they perform it very well and that is how they inspire us and even have a few words of advise for us! Lets take a sneak-peak into the mother-aspect of our favorite bollywood divas and hear what they have to say:

  1. Sushmita Sen-

Sushmita Sen who is a single mother to two beautiful daughters reveals that she had been a strict mother initially, but with time she has realized that her daughters needed some easing off as well. Hence, off late she has mellowed down a bit and allows her daughters to be naughty at times. However, she knows that her daughters are pretty well-disciplined, which makes her believe in them. Her word of advise: “Being strict is the way to make kids know how important it is to be disciplined.”

  1. Kajol-

Following Sushmita’s league is Kajol, who too stresses a lot on discipline while bringing up her son and daughter. As per Kajol, the golden rule in her household says that Momma is always correct and it is followed most of the times. However, she alllows some room for compromises and discussions to her kids so that the exceptional situations can be dealt with.

  1. Karishma Kapoor-

Mother of two, Karishma Kapoor is a mom who likes to maintain a healthy balance between the time that her kids spend playing and studying. She wants them to go out and enjoy nature and not just conceal themselves to the home. She hence, doesn’t allow her kids to watch too much TV and is seen moving with them quite often.

  1. Sussanne Roshan-

One off-league mother from bollywood is Sussanne Roshan, who believes that kids shuold be allowed to blossom as per their potential and imagination. This makes them confident and helps in strengthening the bond between parents and children. Also, she advocates that parents should be careful about what they say in front of children as children tend to pick up words very easily. She believes in giving freedom to children in what they pick as their career as that only would make them confident and happy individuals.

  1. Sridevi-

Mother of two pretty daughters, Sridevi is a blend of strictness and fun when it comes to being a parent. She proudly asserts that her daughters are down to eart and not at all spoilt. She says that her girls are given complete freedom to enjoy themselves; however, she has taught them to draw a line between fun and unrulyness.

  1. Madhuri Dxit Nene-

This popular Bollywood beauty left many hearts broken when she married Dr Nene; however, getting married to a doctor made her particular about health and this is what is reflected in her parenting skills. She is very particuylar about what her kids eat and drink; and even ensures that they stay healthy always. One thing that she just cannot miss is her children brushing their teeth before hitting the bed; no matter how late it is in the night!

  1. Raveena Tondon-

The one Bollywood diva who is comfortably inspiring is Raveena Tondon as she has no hard and fast rules to follow while bringing up her kids. She believes that parenting is a journey in which one has to learn along the way. However, she asserts that a parent should always be conscious about what is said before the kids as we might utter words at times that might hurt the child deep within. Parenting to her is a responsibility which must be fulfilled with care and lots of love and yet, there is no perfect path for it; one has to learn while moving on it.

  1. Kiran Rao-

If we need to look for a cool mom in Bollywood, then it has to be Kiran Rao. She believes that small mishaps and accidents are a part and parcel of raising kids. However, one should know how to put aside these small incidents and concentrate on the small good things that happen in the process of mothering. Kiran asserts on giving a carefree childhood to her son and stresses on making him grow into a righteous individual.

  1. Malaika Arora Khan-

This yummy-mummy of Bollywood believes in giving complete freedom to children for choosing their way in life. She asserts that children should be allowed to blossom in the way they wish and allow them to decide their own path in life instead of pressing our hopes and desires on them.

Bollywood moms have a lot to teach us all; but most importantly, they inspire us to shine in all aspects of our lives however difficult might the path be!


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