Inspiring Celebrity Moms from Yester-years and their Oh-so-Famous Kids

The figure of the mother plays an important part in a child’s life. The mother is the one who moulds the child’s being so as to shape his/her future in the desired manner and hence, each one of us finds our mother to be the most influential person in our lives. And same is said by our favorite celebrities of today! Their mothers, who themselves were renowned celebrities in their times have imparted heavily to their present celebrity status. Let us explore who all these celebrities and their mothers are:

  1. BabitaKapoor -Karishma and KareenaKapoor:

A dazzling diva of the 60s and 70s, Babita was quite disturbed at not being allowed to pursue her career post her marriage to RandhirKapoor. Babita after all, was amon the highly rated actresses in those times! Still, she put her foot down on the entire tussle and decided to concentrate on her two daughters, Karishma and Kareena, whom she groomed to be the best actresses of today. Babita has a strong influence on every decision that her daughters make with respect to their lives; even when that decision relates to the choice of a life partner for them. Rumors are that it was Babita who played an important part in the breaking of the engagement of Karishma and AbhishekBachchan as Amitabh didn’t want is daughter-in-law to work post marriage.

Both Karishma and Kareena love their mother a lot and follow her advice at every step of their life. Awww….mama’s girls!

  1. HemaMalini – Esha and AhanaDeol:

Yet another yummy-mummy from the yesteryears, HemaMalini has raised her two daughters completely in her shadow. The girls are well trained in classical dance and have the poise and delicate mannerisms alike their mother. Though father Dharmendra also holds the two girls dear to his heart, it is Hema who has been completely responsible for the raising up of her daughters. Hema encouraged Esha to move ahead with her movie career and even produced a few movies for her. She was the one to find suitable grooms for both of her daughters and is now waiting to be a grandmother soon!

  1. Tanuja -Kajol and Tanisha:

Tanuja, the happy-go-lucky, charming girl from the 1970’s movies is the mother to two beautiful daughters, Kajol (married to Ajay Devgn) and Tanisha Mukherjee. Tanuja left her movie career behind to raise the two girls and supported them as they stepped into her shoes and their own successful stints in Bollywood. She is today a proud mother-in-law as she shares a great bond with her son-in-law, Ajay. Her daughters Kajol and Tanisha too are always there by her side as in the case of her recent illness when Kajol came over to stay with her leaving Ajay to take care of the kids in her absence.

  1. Neetu Singh -RanbirKapoor and RiddhimaKapoor:

Neetu Singh, aka, the khullamkhullapyarkarenge girl from the 1970s took a voluntary exit from Bollywood soon after her marriage with Rishi Kapoor. She soon had two kids, Ranbir and Riddhima, whom she raised with utmost affection and care such that the two kids brag about their spoilt kids status openly. However, Neetu, puts all these comments to rest by asserting that she has also been a very strict mother whenever it was required so as to ensure that her kids didn’t make ill-use of being star-kids. Riddhima, who didn’t want to join movies, got complete support from her mother to choose her career line and Ranbir, who is the heart-throb star of today, gets timely career advises from his parents whenever he needs it!

  1. Sharmila Tagore -Saif Ali Khan, Saba Ali Khan and Soha Ali Khan:

Though alike her contemporaries, Sharmila Tagore left her career as an actress soon after her marriage to NawabMansoor Ali Khan Pataudi. However, she devoted all her attention and time to her three kids, Saif, Saba and Soha, two of whom (Saif and Soha) decided to step into movies. Sharmila and her husband stayed supportive of their decision and also allowed daughter, Saba to move ahead in the field of designing. Sharmila is now mother-in-law to KareenaKapoor and KunalKhemu, both of whom appreciate her calm and cool temperament of which her kids too are devout fans!

  1. Dimple Kapadia – Twinkle and RinkyKhanna:

Dimple Kapadia saw the very beginning of her bright movie career, with Bobby, after having married Rajesh Khanna. However, as she received the news of her pregnancy, she left her career behind and decided to concentrate on her family life. She is blessed with two daughters, Twinkle and RinkyKhanna, both of whom had their stints in Bollywood. Twinkle, who had quite a nice run in the industry, decided to marry Akshay Kumar, her co-star in quite a few movies and Dimple and Rajesh agreed to her desire. Twinkle shares a wonderful bond with Akshay today and he too, is all praises for his dear mother-in-law!

  1. Jaya Bachchan -AbhishekBachchan and Sweta Nanda:

Who can miss Jaya Bachchan on this list! Jaya, the wife of the megastar of Bollywood, is the proud mother of two kids, Abhishek and Sweta. Abhishek, a Bollywood actor went on to marry AishwaryaRai and is today the Dad of a charming little doll, AaradhyaBachchan. Sweta, on the other hand was married to Ninkil Nanda, the son of Raj Kapoor’s daughter, Ritu Nanda. Both Sweta and Abhishek describe their mother as a loving and generous woman, who can become quite a disciplinary at times! In the words of Aishwarya, Jaya is a very caring and loving woman, who is very supportive of her kids’ decisions. She is proudly addressed as ‘maa’ by Aishwarya and Abhishek.


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