5 Celebrity Blunders you wouldn’t make in your Relationship

Engagements, relationship announcements, lavish weddings and then break ups and divorces, these all seem to spice up the news about our favorite celebrities. And they too do these quite often! One relationship gets over and the announcement of being involved in another follows right behind it. However, that is the celebrity life. Real life of us people is far different from it. We cannot imagine switching partners so often like celebrities (unless one is a Casanova!).

Though we cannot count them as our relationship guides, still there is one way in which these celebrities inspire us through our relationships: by showing us the mistakes they made and warning us not to repeat them. Here are some of the relationship errors that most celebrities make and which we should refrain from making in our lives to have a simple yet celebrated life!

  1. Don’t Rush into a Commitment.

It is very often seen that celebrities come out of a relationship and soon after declare being involved in another. So much so, quite a few of them get engaged or even married to a new partner in haste. However, such relationships don’t last long and soon after we get to hear the news of troubles in paradise. Kim Kardashian is one personality to exemplify this situation. This is one error that you wouldn’t like to make though. It is important that you make a commitment only after knowing a person well. You should be aware of a person’s reactions in ups and downs alike and only after that should you take your relationship to the next level.

  1. Consider Marriage as a Mature Decision

Quite a few celebrities are seen marrying off very soon, at a time when their careers are at their peak and when they might not be ready to take a break from it. They seem to be fascinated by the very idea of marriage and all the hype about it actually. However, they miss the fact that marriage comes with a whole set of responsibilities which one cannot afford to miss. The right time to marry in reality is when one is ready to put the career on a back seat for some time and settle things in the new relationship by giving it time and nurturing.

  1. Give Time between Break-ups.

Getting into a new relationship soon after having come out of another is never a good idea. However, our favorite celebrities tend to forget this many a times. They hop from one relationship to another and then to another and finally get committed in haste, leaving their life a mess. If you too are going through a breakup then make sure you don’t make a mistake like this and give ample time to yourself to come out of the past, before you head towards the future.

  1. Give yourself Time to Grow up.

Quite few celebrities acquire the celebrity status very soon in life and even find partners quite early. They get into commitments, marry and many times we see them parting ways soon after. This happens because these celebrities still have growing up to do and as they grow, they realize that there were things that they should have considered before getting into a relationship. At the same time, they tend to notice changes in themselves as the age and experience increases. Despite all that, they are celebrities; hence, they enjoy the limelight in all ups and downs of their lives. However, you might not enjoy such hype in your life and hence, it is important that you make sure that you have done ample growing up before you enter a commitment in your life.

  1. Be Assured about your Partner’s Habits

Just like we all, no two celebrities are alike. Some like a well-mannered way of life, while others like being laid back and avoid the unnecessary clean ups around themselves. However, it is important that when you are about to enter a commitment, you are well aware of your partner’s way of life. This is crucial as sometimes the lifestyle and habits of an individual can be more difficult to be put up with than his/her basic, innate nature. It is hence important to have spent ample time with a person so as to know him/her and their lifestyle well and resultantly, be able to put up with it easily.

Our favorite celebrities make errors in life just like us, but their errors become public and that’s when we are alarmed about making the right decisions in our lives! After all, even in their mistakes, our celebrities never fail in inspiring us!


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