Fitness Mantras from three Super Hot Bollywood Stars

Slim figures, curvalicious bodies, hot booties and the oomph factors; all of these are some of the prominent adjectives that are used for our fit and hit Bollywood stars who look nothing but perfect at all times. How many times do we wonder how they attain their perfect bodies each time we see them on screen? Yes, many a times! But it is we who reveal this secret to you now! Read on to know the fitness secrets of your favorite stars right here…

  1. Sizzling Bipasha-

If there is one person in Bollywood who deserves to be entitled as a complete fitness freak, then it has to be Bipasha Basu. She recently came out with the secret to her hot body in a DVD released by her. As per the DVD, Bipasha has a strict diet and exercise routine which has resulted in her perfectly shaped figure.

Her diet includes warm water followed with tea and soaked almonds early in the morning. Her breakfast consists of skimmed milk porridge, six egg whites with mushrooms and toast and fruits. The mid morning snack for her is a fruit like apple; followed by lunch consisting of dal, vegetables, grilled fish or chicken, green salad and two rotis made of soya flour. Later in the day, she consumes a cup of tea in the evening and then there is dinner consisting of vegetables cooked in olive oil, salad, grilled fish or chicken and a small serving of dessert. Bipasha’s diet sans rice and her lifestyle is far from ill-habits like smoking and drinking.

Along with a strict diet, Bipasha’s perfect body is shaped by a regimented workout which includes a combination of cardio-vascular exercises and yoga under the guidance of yoga guru Bharat Thakur. She has a personal fitness trainer as well who stays with her even when she travels out for shoots. Her fitness routine comprises of 108 Suryanamaskars each day along with two hours of strict workout six days a week. Each day of Bipasha’s week has a different set of exercises such that she can concentrate on each and every part of her body and tone it well:

Day 1- Upper Body Workout

Day 2- Abdominal Workout

Day 3- Legs and Lower Body Workout

Day 4- Workout for Gluteus Maximus

Day 5- Upper Body Workout

Day 6- Abdominal and Gluteus Maximus

What is unique about Bipasha’s fitness routine is that she doesn’t like to stick to a monotonous routine for it. Her fitness routine changes every four months and she even takes small breaks through it to keep the motivation alive.

Her fitness mantra as per Bipasha is to wear the right set of gym clothes, to avoid junk food to stay fit, to go in for proper gyming sessions, to breathe right and to avoid talking while exercising. Her fitness DVD explains her regime quite well and has been accepted well by the viewers all around!

  1. Saif, The Stunning Nawab

Even though Saif has been in the Bollywood industry for a long time now, he still has those stunning looks with which he ruled the hearts of women back in the 1990s. Saif follows a regimented and specialized routine to maintain his macho looks. The routine includes a strictly supervised diet with a thorough exercise routine under the guidance of fitness experts.

Saif’s diet is composed of a balance between all the requisite nutrients. Presently on a vegetarian diet to cleanse his system, he starts his day with a healthy drink and consumes well balanced meals all through the day. Saif’s diet mantra is not skipping meals and to avoid starving his body so as to a control the buildup of toxins. His diet contains majority of carbohydrates, followed by proteins and a limited amount of fats.

The workout followed by Saif is intense, initiated by a light warm up session, then some stretching exercises and skipping to loosen his muscles. Then he moves on to practicing some kickboxing under Ziabuddin Khatib to tone up his body. Later he works on the contraction of his intense muscles with a punching bag and also practices shadow boxing under expert supervision. Saif’s fitness routine also includes some amount of yoga inspired from his lady love, Kareena Kapoor. His fitness routine lasts for around two hours apart from yoga which he and Kareena practice together.

Saif is thoroughly disciplined when it comes to maintain a healthy and fit body for himself and advises the same to all those who aspire to have a body like his!

  1. Mesmerizing Jacquiline

This Sri Lankan beauty has been entitled as the present day heartthrob of Bollywood with her stunning body and breathtaking looks. Jacquiline believes in walking that extra mile and making sacrifices where necessary to achieve the camera friendly looks that her fans desire to see. For this, she takes strictly monitored diet and exercises following a heavy workout regime on a daily basis.

Looking into her diet, Jacquiline reveals that her day starts with warm water with honey and lime. Her breakfast contains lots of fruits along with some form of eggs. Coming over to lunch, she likes to consume a vegan lunch with lots of salads, brown rice and lentils. Her dinner comprises of veggies with some lean meats to give her the required amount of proteins that can repair her body after a daylong of hard work. Her food mantra is to keep it simple and light to let the body digest the meals easily and without much effort.

Jacquiline’s fitness regime is again devoted to maintaining the right body shape for her love of the camera. However, she is a devout yoga freak, such that she likes to burn the piled calories with the help of the prominent yogic postures and poses each day. She readily shares with the media that she had followed fitness routines with aerobics etc earlier; but found the ultimate resolve in yoga which has helped her tone her body completely. Jacquiline practices yoga for an hour five days a week and finds it relaxing and stress busting in her tiring and tightly-packed schedule. Alongside, whenever she gets time, she practices swimming, gymnastics, capoeira and occasionally, jogging.

In comparison with her two contemporaries in the above list, Jacquiline’s fitness regime sounds to be a bit simple and non-stressful; however, it works well for her and in her words, can help many of those who admire her. Her ultimate fitness mantra; burn what you consume to stay fit and slim!


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