The Brangelina Love Story

The union of not many Hollywood couples has been anticipated as much as that of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie or should we call them ‘Brangelina’. The actors married in August last year in a French Chateau in a private ceremony and have six kids (three adopted, three biological) together. While Brad looked the hunk he is in his black tuxedo; Jolie sported a gown which had drawings and sketching by their six kids all over it. A happy union of two made for each other, beautiful people! Though the tale seems a pleasantly short one, it is indeed a long one; ranging up to nine years in the past. Let us try to find out how this fairy tale union actually happened…

The Past-

Before he met Jolie, Brad had been engaged to actress Gwyneth Paltrow since six months. Soon, the relationship turned sour and he started dating actress Jennifer Aniston whom he married in July, 2000. The two separated after being married for nearly five years in the year 2005.

Jolie, on the other hand, had been married to actor Jonny Lee Miller for two years. The two separated in 1997; after which Jolie married actor Billy Bob Thornton, with whom she adopted her first child, Maddox from Cambodia in 2002. The two separated three months after the adoption.

The Initial Days-

The relationship between the two stars started on the sets of the movie Mr and Mrs Smith in 2005. The increasing chemistry between the two caught the media’s eye as well and it was said to impart to the souring relationship between Brad and Jennifer. However, Jolie denied these reports asserting that she would never get into a relationship with a married man as her own father had cheated on her mother and she had seen her mother suffer through it. Still, until Jennifer filed for a divorce in 2005, Jolie and Brad didn’t make any comment on the nature of their relationship. After that, the two were spotted to be together very often and there were increasing number of reports about the intimacy between the two.

There were variable number of reports about the relationship among the two stars from 2005 till April, 2012, when the two announced their engagement in front of the media.

The Kids-

Jolie conceived her first child with Brad in the year 2006. The pregnancy was perceived as the most anticipated one due to the media hype it gained. So much so, Brad and Angelina went (rather say ‘escaped’) to Namibia for the birth of the child. Two years later, in 2008, the two announced that they were expecting their second child together for the birth of whom the couple went to Nice, France. In the course of time, the couple adopted two more kids, one from Ethiopia and the other from Vietnam. Later, the two announced that they were expecting twin kids, a girl and a boy, together.

The Wedding-

Brad and Angelina got married in a hush-hush ceremony in a French Chateau with only a few friends and family members invited to attend the occasion. The couple released the pictures of their wedding earlier this year through a prestigious Hollywood magazine and allowed their fans to get glimpses of their special day.

The Brangelina Love Story is an ideal tale for all those who wish to seek love with grace and independence. As the two didn’t allow controversies or media gossip take over their real life at any point of time and proved to the world that true love finds its ultimate goal come what may!


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