Dealing with the Single Mother Parenting Issues

Being a single mother is not an easy task and there are multiple aspects to it which all of us might not be aware of. The fact of the matter is that in regular co-parenting, a child’s responsibility rests on the shoulders of a couple and hence, the load of duties tends to get split among two individuals. However, in a single parenting arrangement, the entire responsibility of the child is supposed to be taken by one person and that’s where problems arise.

Looking at the present day scenario, the number of single parent families is on the rise and hence, there is no dearth of experiences that can be heard of from around us in this regards. It is after looking at such experiences and instances that we have compiled for you a list of issues that a single parent, especially, a single mother usually faces…

  1. Stress and fatigue

  2. Constant juggling between work and child

  3. Financial issues

  4. Child missing the other parent

  5. Struggle to meet the child’s expectations

  6. Behavioral problems with the child

  7. Societal pressure


How to beat such issues?

  • Be Loving and Supporting

Above everything else, your child needs your love and support. Hence, make sure that you shower all your love on your child everyday and give them ample time and attention. Your care and attention would make the child feel wanted and loved like nothing else.

  • Ensure Proper Care

A child’s proper growth is ensured when he/she gets complete care from an experienced caregiver or sitter in a safe environment. The responsibility of provide this kind of care rests on the parents who have to decide the best childcare option among those available. The criteria while making this choice should be that the child’s health, nutrition and hygiene should be properly taken care of while providing him/her with age-appropriate activities to perform.

  • Make a Daily Routine

It has been noticed that the children who are raised in a routine method happen to have less amount behavioral issues later in life and even throw less number of tantrums. Also, such children know what to expect at what time during the day. Hence, make sure that you frame a daily routine for the child with a proper schedule for meals and sleep time.

  • Create Rules

To avoid facing behavioral issues with your child or to help him avoid getting into temper tantrums, you can set limits and rules in your household and stay firm on them. These can be about the timings to eat, sleep and play, about taking bath regularly, about maintaining hygiene and keeping the surroundings clean etc. Though your child might find it difficult to follow these rules initially, with the passage of time and by gradual practice, he/she would realize that it is important to follow these rules; thus making things a bit easy for you.

  • Abstain from Guilt

Single mothers often feel depressed and guilty when they find the pressure on themselves mounting. This, however, is a wrong thing to experience as only you know how much effort you are putting in to raise your child. The feeling of guilt can even come into the sight of the child and thus put an impact on his/her psyche. This can complicate things, which is why it is important that you keep yourself happy and engaged and refrain from such feelings.

  • Seek Support

As you tread the path of parenting alone, times when you would require support and help from your near and dear ones are bound to come. However, don’t shy away from seeking help in such situations. Remember, you alone are doing a great job and in order to continue doing it well, it is important that you let those who are close to you help and support you with it.

  • Personal Care too is Important

No doubt that the care of your child takes the prime position in your life, but in order to keep on caring for your child well, it is crucial that you take care of yourself as well. Take out time for your health and well being. Exercise regularly and meditate to allow the negativity slip off your mind and body. Also, take regular time outs with or without your child to run off the routine and chill with friends and family outside the home.

  • Keep your Spirit High

Performing all jobs and responsibilities alone can at times be a depressing task and hence, it is natural if you feel low at certain times. But you must understand that the feeling of depression can run down to your child as well if you don’t contain it well in time. It is hence necessary that you keep your positive energy up and don’t let the negativity over power your life at any point of time. Think positive and believe that things would turn well one day and that’s how you would find yourself smiling always.

  • Communicate with the Child

Though it can be a difficult task to talk to your child about your single status and about the reason why you alone are the parent figure in his/her life, it is important that you talk to him/her about it. Your child should be aware of the real scenario by a certain age so that wrong questions and ideas don’t find space in his/her mind. Also, if you let the child know about the real picture early, he/she would develop to know it well soon and would even understand your condition as he/she grows up.

  • Put Negativity at Bay

Negative thoughts are bound to come to people who put in struggle to keep the lives simple for themselves and their loved ones despite all odds. However, in order to avoid any kind of issues to come up in your parenting, it is mandatory that you put all negative thoughts at bay and keep up the positive spirits always!

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