7 Ideas to have the Perfect Family Weekend with your Child

Cramped office hours, travelling time and work pressure leave one with very little time to spend with one’s child and family during the weekdays. And weekends mostly go away in seeking rest and gathering the supplies that can suffice one for the week to follow. However, kids need more than that. Remember, they have growing minds, which need constant feeding and knowledge flow so that they can learn more and more from their surroundings. This can be best done by taking children out to new places where they can learn yet enjoy themselves. The best time for this would of course be the weekend. Here are some ideas so that you can make the best use of your weekends by spending them with your child and family, giving them experiences to cherish for long!

  1. A Picnic at the Zoo

If we were asked which place we liked as kids, we would say ‘a zoo!!’ and so would your kids! So, what better place to take them to on a weekend than the nearest zoo! Put in a little effort and make this trip into a picnic by taking along some packed food and games so that you can spend some time there amidst nature. The relaxation of being away from work and the joy on your children’s face would surely make you feel delighted!

  1. Gardening with the Family

In order to spend some quality time with your family, you could even devote a weekend or a day to your garden. Let the kids get involved in the gardening tasks such as digging the soil and filling pots with it. they could even help with watering the plants and pulling off the weeds from the soil. You may even go ahead to teach them about how to care for plants and other aspects of gardening. Remember to involve some snack and drink breaks during the day so the kids feel hydrated and nourished through it!

  1. Trip to the Science Museum

If your kids are a bit nerdy and like to know about the world of science and research then the science museum is the place for them! Plan out a trip to the science museum one weekend with your family and kids and let them explore the depths of science! You may go ahead to make this trip a more enjoyable one by asking another family or two to join you so that it could be more of a picnic. Ask every family to bring in some food so that you can have a potluck meal during the trip thus making the kids feel more excited and joyful!

  1. Camping in the Backyard

Camping is one thing that all kids love; however, if you stay in the city and there are no hills or jungles around you where you could camp or if you would like to give your kids a demo of how a real camp is like, use your backyard for it! Just put in a tent and light a bonfire in the backyard and make the backyard look like a jungle by adding some artificial plants and trees to it. Use this opportunity to teach your kids about nature and how one should sustain in such conditions. Sleep with your entire family in the tent at night and cook some food over the bonfire to make the whole experience truly enjoyable!

  1. Witness a Live Sporting Event

A kid who has a taste for sports would appreciate nothing more than attending a live sporting event during the weekend. Hence, if you have a sporting event coming up in your town soon, buy the tickets for it well in advance and take your kid to attend it. Make sure to buy some snacks and souvenirs during the game so that the day becomes memorable for your child!

  1. Treasure Hunt

On those weekends, when you would not like to go out, you may arrange a treasure hunt for the kids. Include the house, the backyard and front portico in the game and spread small-little hints around those for your child to find. Start the game by giving a hint yourself and then see the chain follow. Help the kids solve the clues whenever necessary and don’t miss rewarding them with a surprise gift or treasure at the end of it! The thrill and mind twisting task of solving clues would surely keep your kid entertained and give them an enjoyable experience!

  1. A Long Bike Ride

If you are looking for a way in which you can give your children an energy spending experience, then a long bike ride to a faraway eatery or to a famous picnic spot is the best option! For this, you would need to have bikes for the entire family, so that you all may ride to the destination together. Let the bike ride be fun by including a little amount of racing in it; however, keep the safety aspect in sight at all times! Reward the family member who reaches first with an extra ice cream or dessert and take a lot many breaks during the ride, so that the kids don’t feel too tired and also to take ample pictures of you all!


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