A Working Mom’s Guide for Time Management

If one was to name the most difficult task in his world, then that would be of being a working mother! A home to manage, a child and spouse to look after, personal care, taking care of work, family matters to attend and not to miss, the pressure to perform all these tasks brilliantly! A working mom is expected to be nothing less than a super hero! However, quite often this superhero can feel low due to the time crunch that she faces. This is mostly because of the lack of organizing and managing the time that is available to the person. Some tips and tricks to manage time more efficiently can be quite helpful in this context. Let us look into those:

  1. Plan Up!

The most important thing you need to do in order to function well with work and home both on your mind is to make a plan. Divide the time you have according to the major tasks that you need to complete and allot the required amount of time to each task. This should be done for both office and home so that you can complete all your tasks in time. Also keep some scope for flexibility in this plan as you can never have a hard and fast routine with a baby around!

  1. Accommodate some Flexibility

A working mom requires having flexibility in her routine, whether it is her work timings or the location of work. Request your employer to allow you to have flexible work timings as you can get a bit stuck with the child and home at times. Also, request to have the facility of working from home at times so that you can attend to your baby in times when he/she is not doing well or is alone at home. Moreover, you may go in for some technological aides to make your work less tiring. For instance, instead of running down to the work place or a meeting venue for business meets, you may schedule a skype meeting from your home itself!

  1. Communicate Well at Work

There can be ‘n’ number of troubles and issues with you when you are a working mom; hence, instead of jostling with those alone, you should communicate those to your employer or manager. This would allow them to know how hard you are working and it would give them the capacity to understand your situation when you are in a mess. At the same time, they would help you accomplish your tasks easily after knowing the real scenario.

  1. Keep a Backup Child Care Plan Handy

With children around, you can never say when they will need someone to look after them. There can be days when you wake up to find your yesterday-healthy child feeling low and sick and hence, you might have to take a leave from work. However, there can be chances that you too can not take a leave that day; for such situations, it is required that you have a back-up child care plan with you in the form of the contact address and number of a baby sitter. Or you may even ask a neighbor or relative to take care of the child until you finish your important work and come back to tend to him/her.

  1. Find Work Close to Home

Commuting to a far-off workplace can be a torturous situation for a working mom; hence, it is important that you have your workplace and home nearby. This would not just save your time travelling between the two places but would also help you in being available easily and swiftly in hours of need and emergency.

  1. Prioritize your Tasks

Though work, home and child bear equal importance in your life, there are some aspects of all these that you would count more crucial than others. On the basis of those, make a note of your priorities and create and organized list of the tasks that you need to complete each day. You may consider the tasks that need to be done daily, weekly, monthly and bimonthly while preparing this list.

  1. Accept that Skipping a Task or two is OK!

Finally, despite doing so much of planning and organizing, you could find yourself missing one or two tasks in a day. Do not fret! You need to accept the fact that if in a day you miss completing a task or two, it is no big deal! What is most important is that your child is happy and you could spend ample time with him/her. No one’s perfect and hence, pressurizing yourself to attain perfection is not the right thing to do. Only you know the amount of labor and pressure you put in to complete your tasks as a working mother well and you should ultimately feel good about it!



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