Dressing Ideas to Make you Look Slimmer

Having a slim and trim body is everyone’s dream; but not everyone is slim like a fashion model. Then what? There are ways and means by which you can make yourself appear slimmer. Just a few modulations in your sense of dressing and a few changes here and there in your wardrobe and you can discover a new slimmer you; without shedding any sweat or kilos!

Here’s how this can be done…


Tips and Tricks to Appear Slimmer

  1. Go in for V-necks

    All your tops should have V-shaped necklines if you desire to look slim. However, make sure that you don’t show too much of cleavage through the necks as that would attract undesired attention towards you.

  2. Pick the Right Bra

    In order to look slim, you should go in for minimizer bras that dip low in the front and would go with your v-shaped necklines. Also, get a professional fitting done for finding out your accurate bra size.

  3. Switch to Three-Quarter Sleeves

    To cover those heavy arms and camouflage that flab on your upper arms, switch to three-quarter length sleeves.

  4. Avoid Going Low-Waist

    To avoid showing the fat around your waist, make sure that you say good bye to your low-waist jeans and shorts. Instead pick high waist ones that can hide as well as compress the fat around your waist.

  5. Wear fitted Shoulders

    The idea is to draw attention to the area where you don’t have fat and that could definitely be your shoulders. Wearing silhouettes that are fitted around the shoulders and even have some details on those can help with this.

  6. Go Monochromatic

    If looking slimmer is your target, then don’t add too many colors to your dresses; better go monochromatic. Dresses would single color for the top and bottom, without any breaks in the middle can be the best way to look slimmer for you.

  7. Go in for Flattering Bottoms

    The bottoms that you choose should drape well along with your hips (but should not be hip-hugging) and give a straight shape along the legs. The appropriate picks in this category would be straight, pencil and trumpet shaped skirts and straight trousers. Make sure that these don’t have too many buckles, pockets or details as those would certainly make you look fat!

  8. Invest in Shapewear

    A very convenient solution to hide a few kilos is wearing shapewear that trims the problem areas perfectly. To cover the flabby top, you may pick shapewear camisoles and for flabby thighs, you get the shaping shorts.

  9. Avoid Light-colored Lowers

    The colors that you choose for your lowers, be it jeans, skirts or anything; should belong to the darker edge of the color palette. Hence, dark blue, black, brown, chocolate etc are the colors for you.

  10. Pick Pumps instead of Needle-thin Heels

    While picking shoes, go in for pumps that are at least an inch high. Needle-thin heels should be avoided as those would contrast with thick lower legs and make them look even thicker.

Some simple to follow tips and methods can help you put that flab under the garbs and highlight your personality by many folds. Hence, if hiding that fat is on your mind, then these are the tips you should be following to have the world at your knees soon!

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