Post-Delivery Tips to have an Organized Wardrobe

A lot many things need to be rearranged and shuffled once you are going through your post-delivery phase, which might be termed as your ‘fourth trimester’. No, we are not talking about your life and relationships! We talk about your wardrobe here which might seem to be a useless heap of fabrics during this phase.

Feel consoled in the fact that you are not the only one to experience this after the birth of a baby. All new mothers find their wardrobes useless especially during the first few weeks of their baby’s birth. This is because your recovering body still doesn’t allow you to fit into the pre-pregnancy clothes or into clothes that might be clinging on to your body. You just need comfort and ease so that you can allow your body to breathe and are easy moving around with the baby.

Your regular wardrobe might seem to be a difficult place to find such garmentsas you might not be using them very frequently. It can all the more difficult if you are working mom as the morning rush might not leave you with ample time to dig into the wardrobe and find something appropriate to wear. What you need in such a time is reorganizing your wardrobe such that all the tight-fitting and pre-pregnancy size clothes are put low under or away and only the comfortable clothes which you like wearing now stay within the easy reach. Here’s how it can be done…


Reshuffling your Post-Delivery Wardrobe

  1. Give Priority to Your Drapes

The drapey tops that provide a perfect cover to your lagging post-pregnancy body are the ones you need to give strict preference. These should take the place on your wardrobe hangers as you can wear them for work or for outings as well due to their good looks and not to mention, they are sooooo comfy!

  1. Be Biased towards the V-necks

Not because those help you show some cleavage; but because v-necks help give an impression of length and make you look less fat. V-necks with little details along the shoulder area should be your preferred garments to pick from your closet treasure.

  1. Sort out the Leggings

Everyone is for leggings these days! These are comfortable, go along with all kinds of outfits and make one look lean and long! And that’s exactly what you need! So, make sure you keep your leggings within your easy access so that you can combine them with your drapes, tops and tees as and when required.

  1. Put Away the Cling-Ons

The clothing that hug too tight on your body would be strict no-no’s for you at this time, so it would be a good idea to put those away for a few months. Keep them in the lower shelves or in some other far-reached closet so that they don’t intervene with yournewly organized wardrobe.

  1. Prefer Long Earrings and Necklaces

Long earrings should take the tops shelf now in your wardrobe instead of the studs as those would shift all the attention from your body to your face. Also go in for long necklaces that go up to your cleavage or lower to create an elongating illusion for you.

  1. Flash your Scarves

The fourth trimester is the time that you can flash your scarves; hence, take those all out from the closet, may be wash and iron them. These can prove to be very helpful in brightening your look instantly. Also, you can use these to cover yourself if in case you need to breast feed in public. You may even go in for longer scarves and stoles that reach up to your thighs and provide a cover for your sagging tummy.

  1. Add some Shapewear

Your wardrobe might also need some shapewear after some time of your delivery; especially if you go out for gatherings and parties often. Shapewear can help you look slim and trim and shape your body to wear shaped garments and look less flabby.

  1. Sort the Dark Lowers

The dark lowers such as pants, trousers, jeans, pencil skirts are the ones you need to sort out from your wardrobe and keep within easy access. These lowers help you appear less fat on the legs and even give an appearance of slimness. The most important thing is you can team these colors with various bright tops and tunics to create many combination dresses.

  1. Shun Maternity Wear

The maternity dresses that you wore during the last few months, especially the trousers and jeans, should not be worn now. Those might feel comfortable nevertheless, but would make you look pregnant even when you are not. You might keep them away or pass them to someone who might need it; but simply give up the idea of wearing it now!

  1. Sort the Pieces to be Altered

After all the organizing is done, you might be left with some garments that you can wear during this phase but would be tight to wear. Those need to be altered so that they fit properly and you may be able to wear your favorite garments again. However, for those garments which cannot be altered, you may keep them aside to be worn once you are back in your pre-pregnancy shape.

These 10 pointers should help you organize your wardrobe after delivery so as to have it in a more functional avatar till the time you are able to fit into all your clothes again. So, go ahead and get organized today!


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