Caring for Sensitive Skin

The fear of food stuffs might not haunt a fat person as much as it would to them! The fancy cosmetics and skin products would not scare anyone else as much as they would to them! We talk about the people who have sensitive skin. The skin tone of these people is such that the foodstuffs they eat or the products they apply on their skin soon reveal to them if or not they are suited to it. Most of the times, they get a negative response as most products prove to be unsuitable to their skin tone. Hence, it gets very difficult to look after such as skin type.


Here are some tips and pointers that can be helpful in this task:

  1. Consume lots of plain and lime water as it acts as a detoxification agent, helping you clear the blood stream and thus reducing the chances of any reaction on the skin.

  2. Use protective measures like sunscreen which can protect your skin against harsh rays of the sun. Sensitive skin is highly harmed by sunlight, hence, protecting it against the sun is very crucial.

  3. Don’t make use of hot water to wash or clean sensitive skin.

  4. Make sure you are very careful in choosing skin care products. The products you choose should have anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidating properties and should be mostly natural or herbal based.

  5. Avoid using petroleum jelly-based products for your skin as they would block the skin’s pores making them dry and de-moisturized.

  6. Include a lot of anti-inflammatory products in your diet such as black pepper, cinnamon, turmeric and ginger which can help in preventing your sensitive skin from being attacked by fine lines and wrinkles.

  7. Exfoliate sensitive skin at a gap of 10-15 days minimum and don’t use too harsh exfoliating agents like nuts, crystals and shells as they might damage the skin.

  8. Avoid using any harsh cleansing agents on the skin as they might do more harm than good to it!

  9. Make sure that you use minimal make-up and skin care products on your sensitive skin. Using too many products at the same time is inviting danger and thus increasing the chances of a reaction on the skin.


A Bonus Recipe for Sensitive Skin:

To Exfoliate your sensitive skin- Combine half a cup of sugar with olive oil and apply this mixture on the skin. Rub the mix to exfoliate the skin and then remove it with cold water. Apply some lemon juice on the skin with a cotton swab and leave it on for 5-7 minutes before rinsing the skin with cold, clean water. Moisturize the skin and see a new glow on it!

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