Caring for Dry Skin- The Easy Way!

Though all of us don’t like oily skin for its overly moisturized look, we don’t even like the overly dry skin which adorns a flaky, lifeless look and tends to be so unmanageable! Dry skin has its own distinct issues that need to be tackled well in time and efficiently enough to make one look radiant and glowing at all times. Here are some tips that can be put into use to cope up with dry skin easily!

Tip 1: Don’t spend too much time bathing or under the shower as it assists in robbing your skin off its moisture.

Tip 2: Never make use of overly hot water to wash or bath. The water, even in winters, should be warm and in summers, it should be at normal temperature.

Tip 3: With dry skin, soaps are quite a no-no for you. Delimit the use of soap on your skin and try to use mild soaps for your face, genitals and other sensitive areas like armpits etc.

Tip 4: Don’t take baths too often as it allows your skin less time to recollect its moisture.

Tip 5: Never rub a towel on your skin to dry it. Patting it dry is the best method to clean it.

Tip 6: Avoid using harsh soaps, especially which are alkaline in nature, as those could drain the moisture off your skin and make it appear drier.

Tip 7: Post bath, use bath oils and moisturize the skin from within. Damp skin absorbs moisture much better that dried one.

Tips 8: Consume ample water each day to make up for your skin’s moisture requirement from within.

Tip 9: Enrich your diet with proteins, Vitamins A, C, and sulphur to help your skin retain its moisture.

Tip 10: Delimit the consumption of caffeine and alcohol as these assist in the loss of fluids by the skin.

3 Fool-proof Recipes that Help Heal Dry Skin:

  1. 1. Carom Water-

In some hot water, soak carom seeds for about half an hour and then let the water cool down. Once cooled down, strain this water and use it to wash your face. This is one natural and extremely safe remedy for cleaning and moisturizing your dry facial skin.

  1. 2. Honey-Egg White Pack-

Once a week, make a paste by combining one egg white, half a spoon of honey and two spoons of milk. Apply this paste on your face, leave it on for about 20 minutes and then wash it off with cold water. This is one natural and old-time remedy for fulfilling your skin’s periodic requirement of moisture.

  1. 3. Besan-Almond Oil and Yoghurt Pack-

If you need a daily cure for your dry skin, then this one’s for you! Simply combine half a cup of gram flour and the same quantity of curd with two-three drops of almond oil to make a thick paste. Apply this paste on your skin for 10-15 minutes before you take a bath and then wash it off with clean water. You may avoid using soap on the skin that had the pack on while taking bath. This pack would help your skin retain its natural moisture all through the day.

Caring for dry skin is not as difficult as you might have thought it to be; however, all you need it’s a little attention and serious thought about what is good and not so good for it! Just use our tips and recipes and you are sure to have an easy way caring for your dry skin from now on!

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