Baby Development- Week 25

It is exploration time for your baby now, so make sure your allow it to reach up to the safe zones only!

Physical Development:

Your baby’s senses are fast developing now and this is revealed by its growing interest in the various kinds of things that it comes across. You may offer a boost to its sensory development by providing it with objects of various textures and see it respond to that variety. However, make sure that you allow only safe things to be in its reach and keep all the sharp, pointed and edgy objects far from its reach!

Baby’s Activities:

Your baby loves looking at bright colored objects now and thus, it is the right time to introduce books to it. You may choose some board books or the pop-up ones and read those to it. Though your baby would not understand what you mean, it would surely love the combination of your voice and the pictures in the book!

The Thing to Watch Out:

If your baby tries to snatch the spoon from your hand, it can be taken as a sign for it being ready for some finger foods. You may hand it over some biscuits or fruit wedges etc. Make sure that the food is dissolvable in its mouth to avoid any choking hazards.

Vaccination Call:

It is the right time to check with your healthcare provider if a booster dose of HBV and IPV vaccines is required for your baby now.


Tips for Week 25:

  1. Keeping some pieces of finger foods on the tray in your baby’s high chair or stroller can help it develop the habit to chew food itself and would also give you some time. However, always keep an eye on the baby while it consumes finger foods.

  2. Not only in toys, your baby loves to explore variety in the textures of the foods it consumes. Hence, introduce foods with varying textures to it.

  3. Your baby might not be able to consume fruits such as apples as such; hence, poach those first and then serve to the baby.

  4. It is natural for mothers to feel overburdened with the responsibilities of a baby and home. However, taking time-off for a relaxing bath or stroll in a park can help relieve the tension.

  5. It is exercise time for all those mothers, who have been looking forward to lose the pregnancy weight. However, keep it slow and steady to avoid any kind of strain on your body.

  6. An easy activity that mothers can enjoy with the baby is going on walks. Your baby would also enjoy this time as it goes on a stroller ride and exploring a larger world.

  7. If you feel concerned about the pregnancy weight lingering on, you should understand that your body took nine months to get into that shape and allowing it equal time to get back into its original shape would be a wise thought!

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