Baby Development- Week 11

Guess what is the latest toy for your little one? Its hands! It observes them, sucks them, moves them and is all fascinated about them!

Physical Development:

Your baby’s neck muscles are quite strong now; such that it can hold its neck up and steady for quite some time while lying down. Also, if you put it on its stomach, it might be able to hold its neck at a 45 degrees angle as if doing mini pushups. You might even make it sit around this time by giving ample support of pillows on the back.

Baby’s Activities:

Your baby loves to play with its hands and fingers now. The game might seem as if it is trying to count something; but your baby just discovered its hands! Since it can support its neck to quite a large extent now, you may even take your baby for a smooth stroller ride some time!

The Thing to Watch out:

If you sing or read to your baby at this time, it would more than entertained as the voice modulation and melodies are something that babies love (more when those are in their mothers’ voice)!


Tips for Week 11:

  1. As the baby gets busy with its hands and fingers, you could get some time for yourself and catch up on the outside world at last!

  2. With your baby starting to hold its neck steady, it would get easier for you to hold it now. You might as well try to hold it straight along your shoulder for better grip and even the baby would love it as it would get a better view of the world around when held straight!

  3. In order to encourage your baby to hold its neck up while lying on its tummy, sit in front of it and show a toy that it loves to play with!

  4. Many people feel shy doing baby talk, but interestingly, it encourages the senses of babies and helps them speak soon.

  5. Thinking about reading to your baby? Choose books with large, bright images that would seem fascinating to its eyes.

  6. Apart from all the other things, it is important to hold your baby close to you for some time daily as this strengthens the bond between the baby and parents largely.

  7. With growing age, your baby’s hunger would also increase. Understand gestures such as crying after finishing the feed as signals of its increased hunger.


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