Online vs In-Store Shopping

In the present day scenario when more and more online shopping websites and options are coming up, we wonder if it is really a worthwhile idea to shop in the stores. On the other hand, there are quite a few of us who are thorough preachers of the idea of in-store shopping for the various ‘benefits’ it offers. However, which among them is better? Or should we say, which among them should be less preferred? The choice can be difficult to make.

Here is a comparative analysis of these two modes of shopping which would help you choose your preference easily…

Comparing Online and In-Store Shopping:

  1. The Touch Factor: For those of us who prefer to touch, feel and smell (in case of vegetables and fruits) things before purchasing them, online shopping is a no good experience. They would still prefer to buy such stuff from the local stores. However, quite a few online grocery and fresh stock stores are now offering the facility to check the delivered items before paying for them so that in case the customer is not happy with the quality of any item, they may refuse to accept it.

  2. The ‘Stocks Out’ Issue: It so happens quite a few times that the items that we require to buy are not in the stocks of the online store we seek. In such cases, we either have to skip on that particular purchase or the store supplements it with something else. Though it can be a troubling factor in case of online shopping as one would be required to shop again for that particular thing only, this cannot be termed as a strictly online store issue. This can happen in the case of live stores as well. However, in the case of online shopping the trouble of going out to shop personally for a single item seems a heavy task to perform.

  3. The Bargaining Aspect: Well, this one will have to be given to the in-store shopping experience. Those who enjoy shopping inside the stores, also love to strike a good bargain by spending minutes together arguing with the sellers. And this experience cannot certainly be attained on the online shopping websites. However, you get some good deals and offers on online stores which help one get some catchy discounts. Not to forget, there are the discount coupons and festival discounts on the websites that help one strike good deals without having to leave home even for a second!

  4. The Limit to Shop: This one goes to online shopping as you are not restricted as to how much stuff you can buy on the online medium. You may shop till you drop or till your wallet is out of cash! Unlike the in-store shopping, there is no limitation of shopping according to the capacity of your car or as to how much you would be carry home easily. All the products, however big or heavy they might be, come to your home directly and that too without any shipping charges (in most cases)!

  5. A Check on Overspending: Ever wondered, why all the ‘really required’ stuff lies in the last-most shelves of our shopping marts? Well, that is to have to take a look at the ‘other’, ‘not necessarily required’ stuff that they hold and make you spend a little extra than you intend to. They simply make the customers get taken over by the urge to buy things that they might not need. However, in case of online stores, you only buy the stuff that you really need. No one comes on the screen to display a flaunty dress or a room freshener that you might not actually like when used. You simply put all the stuff you require in your cart and order it; and while reordering, you might just take a look at your last order and make a few changes here and there and again order it without spending any extra time browsing the website. Hence, avoiding overspending.

  6. Fuel and Time Factors: To remind you, one saves largely on the fuel charges by shopping online as there is no need to drive to any stores for making the purchases. Secondly, since one doesn’t step out of the house, the traffic chaos, the rush in the stores and the huge billing queues are all avoided. Hence, one saves on the precious time that could instead be spent with family and friends.

  7. The Comfort and Ease Aspects: Finally, You might say that going out to shop is not uncomfortable for you; but there are times when all of us like to spend some time resting but the purchases to be done drive us out of the house necessarily. In case of online shopping, one doesn’t have to face any of these as comfort and ease of the customers is the most highly ensured aspect for all online shopping portals.

A comparative discussion of online and in-store shopping experiences reveals to us the good and bad aspects of both; however, we realize that the balance leans a bit towards the online shopping experience due to the various benefits it offers. Still, in-store shopping has a large fan-following which cannot be ignored at any moment. The final thought in this context would be that both the mediums of shopping are good at their own steads and the use of either of these depends on the comfort level of the customers who may prefer one and reject another; but that doesn’t make any of these a bad option!

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