5 Modern-Day Relationship Killers

Let us take a walk back in time, to the days of our parents’ youth. What were their times like? What were the relationship issues that they faced? Did they too have to conquer multiple diversions to ensure that their relationship didn’t go off-track? Well of course, they would have done quite a lot of that. But, the diversions they faced were quite different and perhaps simpler than what we face today. Work pressure, target achievement, financial goals, attention to children, achieving a standard of living and above all, maintaining a perfect relationship are all the things that we conquer to master today.

At the same time, it is the hi-tech living of today that keeps on pulling us out of the set order and acts as a constant distraction from the set path. Hence, making sure that our relationships work perfectly is not a child’s game in today’s times. And there are many of us who tend to break under the pressure of these times and lose grip of their relationships. If you would not like to be under this category of people, then we have a smart list of 5 modern-day relationship killers for you that shall guide you to avoid these killers and have a perfect relationship with your partner!

The Top 5 Relationship Killers Today:

  1. Varying Priorities

The difference in priorities among the couple is a prime cause of conflicts and arguments. It may so happen that one partner is more inclined towards his/her family, or towards his/her job and the other awaits attention and concern from the partner. It is important that when in a relationship, both partners should understand that they need to place their relation above everything else. The prime priority should be for the commitment and even though one is not desired to deny other relationships totally, he/she is expected to maintain a healthy balance between them all. There should be time allotted to all the various aspects of one’s life, including the relationship, such that all aspects that equal attention in their set time zones and don’t overlap very often!

  1. Stress

Talk about the present day generation and you talk about stress. We are stressed about work, about our personal issues, about our future and about everything under the sun! But the worse comes when this stress takes a toll on our relationships. Sex, love and even communication, all get affected by it! The best way to manage stress is to share issues among the partners and discuss them. Don’t try to take the entire load on your shoulders! Let the inner load come out and inform your partner know what bothers you; you never know, he/she could have the solution to your issue!

  1. Communication Issues

A major relationship killer today is the lack of communication among partners. Over-occupation with work, irregular work timings and long distance travels in bigger cities, are all the factors that lead to the lack of time that partners spend with each other, hence leading to minimal communication among the two. This leads to not sharing things with each other and hence staying out of touch to lead to communication gaps and eventually prominent relationship issues, which might not be easy to resolve. It is hence, important that the two people in a relationship maintain proper communication among themselves and take out time on a daily basis to sit beside each other and talk.

  1. Pride

A prominently witnessed relationship issue today, pride takes a heavy toll when it comes to its impact on relationships. It is not a unique sight today to have both the partners in a relationship working on competitive posts and even taking positions against each other on the work fronts. Things go on well until the time the competition stays limited to the work desks itself; however, when some people take it home, that is when its starts damaging ties. This even happens in cases where one partner earns more than the other and feels boisterous of the large pay-check. This certainly hurts the ego of the other partner, leading to cracks in the relationship mirror.

  1. Technological Aids

Last but not at all the least; technological aids like mobiles, laptops, i-pads and tablets are all the most vicious relationship killers in the present times. The generation today likes to spend more time blogging and posting on Facebook and other social media sites instead of sitting with their partner and sharing some beautiful moments together. Or there is the phone that keeps one overly-occupied, even after the working hours are over. This leads to lack of time being spent together and thus resulting issues like lack of communication, varying priorities etc. Hence, if you need a stable relationship, the first thing you need to do is keep that phone away when together and to shut down that laptop when the work is over!

The above listed top 5 relationship killers of today are the ones you need to beware if you wish to share a healthy relationship with your partner. Hence, watch out for them and have a fairy tale life ever after!

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