5 Things that Men Expect from the Woman they Love

There is no doubt about the statement that each individual is different and so is the case with men. All of them have their unique traits which differentiate them from each other and make them appealing or not-so appealing to us. Still, despite this, there are a few things that are common to all men. One among them being the list of the things that they expect from the woman they love. It is crucial that a woman knows these things so as to be the perfect partner for a man and to have a slot deep in his heart. So, let’s read on and find out what are the top 5 things that your man desires from the woman he loves!

  1. Your Time and Attention: Everyone wants these; right? But yes, when it comes to men, they need it most importantly from their women. A man wants that the woman in his life should spare out time to sit with him to watch a game or join him occasionally for video game or a movie. They need the woman to create special moments for him by spending time together and by paying attention to his moods and emotions. Though you may not be able to help him with all the issues that go on in a man’s life, he would surely expect you to lend an ear when he wants to talk about it. It is important that you give your undivided attention to him at such times and be a good listener and adviser for him.

  2. Understanding: A man always wants the woman to be understanding and be capable of interpreting emotions and expressions. Very often, men are not very open about what they feel and might even restrict themselves to certain limits, not revealing what really goes on in their minds. In such times, they expect the woman to keep the mood light and try to divert them from the issue in a playful manner, so as to make him feel better and eventually open up about what the real issue is. At the face of it, if you think that straight-forward questioning about the issue would help you get into his mind, you are wrong. The long route is the always correct route in case of men!

  3. Emotional Maturity: Though it is popularly said that women are emotional beings, men like women who are not emotionally weak or immature. They expect the women in their lives to respond to the tough situations in a calm and non-dramatic manner and think rationally through them. An emotionally mature woman gets respect, concern and love from the man as she helps him think straight through the difficult situations that emerge in life.

  4. Independence: No, this doesn’t mean that your man wants to be free from you! Men want women to be independent and free such that they have some of their own things to do, just like they have some specific roles in life to perform. Men like women who are smart and strong and have their own interests to follow. Gone are the days when men would like a woman to run around him all day long. Today’s men like women to have lives of their own and be independent with them. Such women earn respect from men and make them feel attracted.

  5. Attractiveness: Men like women who are attractive; however, this doesn’t necessarily refer to how you look or you dress up. A woman can stay attractive by her fun-loving and calm ways. Going too fast or assuming a relationship to be mature even when you have just got into it is something, no man would like. You need to be cool and calm about your pace and let things go with the flow. Let yourself be a bit experimental, try new things and enjoy life with your man so that he finds something new to explore in your every time he is with you.

These five things make a woman a perfect partner for any man and help her make her way into a man’s heart so very easily! So, just go through these five aspects and adopt them to be the woman of your man’s dreams!

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