Top 5 Ways to Break Up with Him Elegantly

It takes time and efforts to build a relationship. But there are times when relationships don’t turn out to be the way we desire them to be and that is when one wants to end them. In such a scenario, most of the times, things get sour and people part ways on a rough note. However, if you too are looking forward to end a present relationship, here are some ways that you can use to part ways in a subtle manner, without letting the things get out of your hands.

Top 5 Ways to Break-up like a Lady:

  1. Talk Through It

There can be no better way to discuss your difference than communicating about those. No, this doesn’t mean sending a text or writing down a note, but having a live conversation or a phone call (if being face to face is not possible). The right method would be to sit together and let the other person know about the issues you are facing or what is driving you away from him. As you do so, don’t indulge in a blame game, and keep the arguments subtle and low so that he doesn’t feel hurt or insulted.

  1. Let Things Remain among You Two

When having a break-up make sure that you don’t gather a party around you; let the whole affair be personal. For this, arrange for a secluded meeting, where there are not too many known people and then disclose your thoughts to the other person. Having too many people around who know what is going on amongst you two would make the story complex and could even hurt one’s conscience.

  1. Don’t Disclose your New Love Interest

If your break-up is because you have found someone else in your life, then it is better that you keep that person’s name under the garbs as you break up. In fact, it would be a good idea to not to let anyone know about your new relation until sometime after your break up. This would prevent you from sending any wrong messages to your ex and it would be easier for him to move over the whole thing.

In other case, if you don’t have any other love interest to seek, then wait for some time before you start dating again. This would give you time to move on and who knows, you might realize that what you left behind was your ultimate love after all!

  1. Give Space

Once you have mentioned to your partner that you would like to break-up, then don’t linger around him too much. Give him some space and yourself take a break from all the dating business. Don’t call him or send any texts even if it is like altering a whole lifestyle. This would help you move ahead in life and would also let him know about your firm decision.

  1. Be Gentle but Direct

It is important that you stick to the right words when you are going to admit your feelings to a guy. Too many words can confuse the tale and might even convey a wrong message. So, just utter what is the truth, don’t fumble, but be soft and gentle with it. This could take some time and meditation from you end as you would be required to think over what is to be actually said, but it would surely be worth all the effort as you would be ending up as friends anyways!

Breakups are not that easy, but with a few things in mind and some pointers to be remembered, one can end a relationship in a subtle manner, avoiding any kind of conflicts and harsh feelings!

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