5 Top Things that Men Hate about Women

As the popular saying goes, “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus” and this is what makes them attractive towards each other. Nevertheless, apart from the attraction, there are certain things that both these sexes hate about each other. Knowing about these factors can help one understand each other’s likes and dislikes and be better partners in a relationship.

5 Things that Men Hate about You:

  1. Wearing Too Much Makeup:

Quite a few of us like to adorn new looks and experiment with our styles now and then, but as for men, there is nothing better than the natural look of a woman and too much makeup is a complete no-no for them. Hence, if you like to wear makeup, make sure that you know where to restrict its application and just use it to enhance your natural beauty and not hide it; as this is what your man would like you to do!

  1. Too much Perfume:

Girls and perfumes are two inseparable things. However, men don’t like women who wear too many perfumes or scents on themselves. For them, the scent should be in a limit, something that distinguishes a woman and of course makes her pleasant-smelling but not so much that that woman should smell like a mobile perfumery! So just decide on one smell each time you apply one and restrict a limit of its application to have your man rolling after you each time!

  1. That ‘Coochie-Poochie’ Baby-talk:

Yes, women are too good at it; especially when they want to persuade men to do something. But ask the man, he might not be persuaded but might just want to stop those irritating sounds from entering his ears by agreeing to what you are saying! Yes, men hate baby talk, so the next time you want to persuade your partner, try something better, something more adult-like!

  1. Changing their World:

It is natural to a woman to make attempts to alter the wardrobe, the dressing style, the hair-style and even at times, their platter! You do this out of your love and compassion, but, don’t do it! It is fine to gift your man a shirt or trouser as per your liking or to cook a meal that you would like occasionally, but don’t try to change them altogether as this is something they totally hate! Understand the fact that he too is an individual and respect him as one. More so, how would you feel if he does the same to you?

  1. Drinking Equally:

While your man would like to share the drinking table with you for a drink or two, no man likes a woman who drinks more than he does! You must accept the fact that while men like women who are competitive and independent, they like them to be restrictive when it comes to drinking. So, never compete with him on the drinking table if you would like to reserve your special place in his heart forever!

While the man-woman relationship is based on understanding, love and compassion, it is very important that both of these sexes know about the likes and more importantly, the dislikes of each other so as to have a better life together. This is all the more important for women as they are the ones to pull the strings in the relationship at the right time and regulate the direction in which the relationship moves!

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