7 Ways You Can Tell Him “I Love You”

Love is a profound emotion, the expression of which is vital for the healthy sustenance of a relationship. What matters is the choice of words that one makes for this expression or still better, the way in which one expresses love for the other person. While men mostly like to surprise their female partners by buying gifts for them, by taking them out or by caring for their smallest of needs; women are different in their choices as they are more verbal in their ways. Instead of opting for indirect modes of expression, they like to be more direct.

However, at times, being direct does not do the desired magic in case of men. This leads them to take the three love words for granted and consider them something that lack gravity. So, it is important for women to choose the right way to express love other than stating a simple ‘I love you’ as you get romantic with your man.

7 Best Ways to Express your Love:

  1. Say it Through your Actions: Men are more visual and this is what makes them admire the small-little things that you do for them at times. Be caring for his small needs and try to answer his requirements regularly in your special way. A small gift or surprise or a muffin now and then in his office bag or his work desk to make him smile while at work would do a great deal of magic for your relationship. These are the things that he would admire a lot more than a plain “I love you”.

  2. Give your Attention: It is important that you give your complete attention to him when you both are together. Your being un-attentive while you are together would make him feel that you don’t count him important, on the other hand, if you both spend time together, that would convey how important he is to you and would be an indirect but true expression of your love for him.

  3. Dress as he Likes: It is very likely that you might not like to dress up the way in which your man likes you to always. But dressing up in his favorite dress style or color at times can make him feel important and counted in your life. Make sure you look good in the dress by combining some good accessories and hair-does with it so that you have him falling for you all over again on seeing you in it!

  4. Reach Through his Stomach: It is rightly said that a man’s heart can be reached through his stomach. Hence, one of the best ways of expressing your love for a man would be to cook a meal especially for him. The meal should include his favorite dishes, all cooked up to perfection so that he knows how much you care for him.

  5. Support his Interests: A man loves a woman who gives him some space for indulging in his interests and hobbies in free time. Hence, if you would like to express your love for your male partner, let him spend some time alone indulging in his favorite hobby interest. If possible join him for some time and try to enjoy it so that he admires the way you spare out time from your regular work for him and his interests.

  6. Complement him Often: Men like being complemented; never forget this fundamental rule and appreciate your partner’s efforts every now and then! Even from the smallest of the things to those that are major and decisive in nature, you should make sure that you complement your man for all those so that he knows that you notice his efforts and even appreciate him for them!

  7. Thank Him: In the fast paced lives that we lead, it happens very often that we miss to that our partners for the little things that they do for us. However, if we do it, this could create a strong foundation for our relationship and even let our partner know how much we love him. So, make sure that you thank your partner for the small little things that he does for you and the home. This is sure to strengthen your bond and increase the love you share!

The above-listed 7 factors are the innovative ways in which you can express your love for your partner and even strengthen it by letting your partner know how much you care for him. No wonder, a simple “I love you” can’t do this much!

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  1. He tells you “I love you” before you do. It doesn’t matter when or where he says it. All that matters is that he wants to say it first.

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