Why is your Sex Drive so Low?

A relationship is largely dependent on the way in which the two partners get along in bed. This is one reason for which many people in the present day scenario like to like to check their bed-compatibility as well before going in for a committed relationship. Both men and women like to see how their expected partners perform in bed in this context. However, there are situations in which women find their sexual drive to be quite low, such that they don’t feel like making out in bed.

This can be a temporary or permanent situation due to reasons that could be physical, emotional, psychological or even lifestyle oriented. The larger fact here is that these issues affect the way one performs in the bed and can eventually harm the strength of a relationship. Hence, it is very important to delve deeper into their causes and then look for a possible treatment for them.

Causes for Low Sex-Drive:

Low sex drive can be due to PHYSICAL FACTORS influencing the life of an individual. These factors might be-

  1. Medical Disorders: Owing to various medical disorders, the physical disturbances like side effects caused by them, it is very likely that women lose interest in sex. Some of these disorders are arthritis, diabetes, cancer, coronary artery diseases, high blood pressure, neurological disorders etc.

  2. Sexual Disorders: Many women face sexual issues like the inability to have orgasm, or pain during sex due to which they lose interest in sex. Such conditions are treatable and should be discussed with the doctor at the earliest to seek relief from them.

  3. Medicine Consumption: Some of the medications, when consumed, result in side effects which include having a low sex drive. Mostly medications for depression and seizure lead to such results in women.

  4. Surgical Procedures: Certain surgical procedures, especially those related to the breasts or the genital tract can result in the dampening of the sexual desire. Most patients are hence advised to take medications for this purpose after such surgeries.

  5. Lifestyle Errors: Having a bad lifestyle can also lead one to losing interest in sex. This happens mostly in case of consuming too much alcohol, consuming drugs or even when one smokes too much. The effects of all these habits lead a woman to have low sex drive eventually.

  6. Stress and Fatigue: A stressed and fatigued body can never be ready for getting into the mood. Mostly women who are overburdened by work or are under too much mental pressure and stress have low sexual drive. At the same time, if in case someone has gone through a medical procedure or is ill, then too fatigue can occur leading to low sex drive.

Various PSYCHOLOGICAL FACTORS can also lead to feeling low on sexual desire in women. The following are those conditions:

  1. Stress

  2. Self-image issues

  3. Low self esteem

  4. Mental issues like depression and anxiety

  5. Rough sexual experiences in the past

There can be quite a few HORMONAL CHANGE FACTORS as well that could lead to a low sex drive in women. These changes occur during phases like:

  1. Pregnancy and Nursing: Pregnancy brings a host of physical, mental and hormonal changes in the body of a woman. These hormonal changes tend to make a woman feel low on sexual desire most of the time. At the same time, a pregnant woman and a new mother tend to lose on a lot of their sleep and are mostly fatigued due to the whole lot of efforts that go into managing the new additions to their responsibility. All of this can deprive them of sexual desire; however, this is a temporary phase which heals itself with time.

  2. Menopause: Menopause is yet another phase of a woman’s life when she experiences a hormonal upheaval in her body. Her estrogen levels drop incredibly, due to which the sexual desire seems to vanish completely. At the same time, the low estrogen levels can lead the vaginal to dry up and thus lead to pain during sex. Also, testosterone, a hormone that boosts sexual desire in males and females alike, also decreases during menopause, adding to the troubles during this phase.

Another cause of low sex drive in women can be the RELATIONSHIP ISSUES that they might be facing. These can be due to:

  1. Strained relationship with the partner or with close family members.

  2. Frequent arguments with the partner

  3. Lack of communication between the couple

  4. Inability to connect with the partner

  5. Loyalty issues from one of the parties

There can be various reasons for why you might not be feeling like indulging in sex with your partner. However, which one among those it is, can be known only after you delve into your condition or consult a doctor who can guide you through the condition leading you to a normal and healthy relationship with your partner easily.

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