Orgasms? G Spots? What’s that?

Sexual activity and the pleasure that is attained through it are undefinable for many of us. However, there are a few words that explain this phenomenon and let us know what actually happens during the sexual act to lead us to feel pleasant. Two of these words are ‘orgasm’ and g-spot’. While quite a few of us know what these mean, there is a host of those who are unaware of what these words refer to and would surely be inquisitive to know about them in detail. If you too are among those inquisitive ones, then read on and get all the knowledge you require…

Defining ‘Orgasm’:

The intense feeling of sexual pleasure that women feel during sexual activity, mostly towards the climax, is known as orgasm. It is also known as ‘climaxing’ or ‘coming’ and is experienced by both men and women. The body showcases a range of reactions during an orgasm. While the heart beats faster, the breathing gets heavier and quicker when orgasm occurs. In case of women, orgasm feels like a release of sexual tension and their genital muscles contract during it. Whereas in men, orgasm comes with ejaculation with their penis being firmly erected.

An interesting fact here is that men might take anywhere between a few minutes to a few hours to have an orgasm again; however, women can have multiple orgasms if they are stimulated.

Troubles with Orgasms:

Though it is not necessary to not be able to enjoy sex without having an orgasm, there are cases seen where people feel worried due to not having orgasms. Also, there are cases known where people have an orgasm too early leading them to feel unsatisfied from their sexual activity. Some of the common reasons for which these troubles occur are stress, lack of stimulation, relationship issues, depression and previous sexual trauma. A doctor or a sexologist would be the right person to guide you through such situations and help you have a satisfied life by treating these troubles.

Defining G-Spots:

No, this is not a particular spot to be hit during the sexual act! A G-spot is actually a particular sensitive area in a woman’s vagina which when stimulated during the sexual act, can lead a woman to ejaculate or have an orgasm. The spot can be located somewhere in the upper part of the vagina, where the urethral sponge lies and can be stimulated by applying pressure from the roof of the vagina. It is interesting to know that when a woman is aroused, the urethral sponge above the vagina fills with blood and the glands around it fill up with fluid leading the area to swell and become firm; thus imparting to the tightening-up of the genitals during an orgasm.

The g-spot feels like a rough and rugged area on the upper-front wall of the vagina and can be felt if your partner inserts his fingers inside your vagina. Touching the g-spot might actually make you experience the urge to pee; hence, it is advised to urinate well before you indulging in the activity.

There are quite a few women who enjoy being purged and being touched at the g-spot and feel excited on its stimulation; however, for all those who would not like being touched or poked too much, keep reading as we have something coming up just for you…

Is Sex just about Orgasm and G-spot?

Not necessarily! Though the terms orgasm and g-spot are closely associated with sexual activity, it is possible to enjoy sex without either of these. This is because the feelings of love and intimacy are well beyond these aspects of sexual activity. Hence, those who love and have the urge to enjoy their time together can indulge in other forms of sexual activity to seek pleasure equivalent to an orgasm. Here is how this can be done:

  1. Just Touch each other softly

  2. Have a Couple Bath

  3. Go in for a Couple Massage session or still better, massage each other’s bodies

  4. Indulge in Kissing

  5. Help each other in undressing

  6. Communicate about your likes and dislikes with respect to sexual activity

  7. Listen to the sounds of your breathing and heartbeat

This kind of sexual activity helps people connect with each other in a better way and even helps them feel excited easily. Moreover, these can be wonderful ways to arouse each other during a foreplay and have a pleasing and memorable experience!

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