Tips to Boost Sexual Desire after Childbirth

Pregnancy, labor, childbirth and then the pressures of coping up with a newborn leave no time for a woman to spend time with her partner. Quite often, women have sex as the last thing on their mind during this phase. This is most likely because of the physical changes that her body has been going through since the last few months and might be going through at that time as well. In fact, in many cases, women lose the desire to make out even when their bodies have recovered from the trauma and are healthy once again. This occurs mostly due to the fatigue and stress that they experience with the addition of responsibilities on their shoulders.

However, it is known to all that for a healthy relationship it is important to have sex regularly. For this one needs to communicate with the partner and discuss the situation with him. Also, you should try to take out time (through mutual efforts) for indulging in activities together so that you can have some ‘we’ time with you partner and beat the stress away. Here are some tips that can help you ensure this:

  1. Try to catch up on the Lost Sleep

A lazy body, broken with fatigue cannot obviously indulge in sex. So, just try to catch up on your lost sleep when the baby sleeps so that you don’t feel lazy when your partner is having some free time to spend with you.

  1. Maintain Hygiene

It is very often seen that new mothers have their clothes stained with breast milk and even smell like that at times! This is the perfect example where hygiene takes a back seat and laziness steps forward. However, if you need your partner to find you delicious, then you need to keep yourself clean and smelling good. Take a shower before bed, you might ask your partner to join you for it and change into fresh clothes before hitting the bed to set the right mood for the act.

  1. Take some Relaxation Exercises

The time after childbirth can be quite stressful for the mother. However, to avoid this stress to pour out on your partner and to prevent this from harming your relationship, take some relaxation exercises like yoga, meditation and self-hypnosis that help you regulate your mind’s functioning and stay in the right frame of mind.

  1. Exercise Daily

As soon as your body recovers from childbirth (which may take longer if you have had a c-section) you can start practicing some exercises that can improve your blood circulation and boost up your libido. In the beginning, it is advised to take up some mild exercises and as the body gets used to them, move on to more complex ones to make yourself active and healthy once again!

  1. Try Supplements

If you find that the above-mentioned methods of boosting your sex desire are not effective, then you may give a try to the libido-boosting supplements for women that are available in the markets today. However, it is recommended to consult a doctor before you do so and seek a proper prescription for those before you buy any supplement for yourself. If in case, you find yourself suffering from any other sexual issues that too should be discussed with the doctor to seek the right treatment for it.

  1. Communicate your Feelings

The best resolution to the biggest of issues is communication. Hence, all that you feel about having lost your sexual drive and not being able to spend time with your partner like you would earlier, should be discussed with your partner to reach a solution to the issue mutually. You never know, your partner too could be feeling the same and your initiating a conversation, could help you two reach a resolution point in this!

  1. Take out Time to Reconnect

The best way to sort this situation would be to take out time for each other and try to remember yourself as the two people who fell in love with each other some time back. Reconnecting with your partner and doing some special things with or without any occasion could be the perfect way to regain the lost spark and find yourself indulging in love once again!

Finally, remember that the pressures of parenthood are not just tiring for you, but are affecting your partner in the same way. However, if you take a step first and try to resolve the situation, then you can change the scenario and discover yourself becoming the same old lovers once again with the same steam and spark in them!

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