Female Condoms: How do they Work?

A very popular method of contraception is the use of condoms by men or women. While male condoms are predominantly used by the populations, female condoms are also quite largely used, especially by those women who would not like to rely on their partner for preventing conception. However, questions have always been raised about what specifically are female condoms and how they work to prevent conception. We would here try to seek answers to these and many more questions related to female condoms:

Ques 1: What is the basic design and usage of female condoms?

  • Female condoms are made from the same material as are the male condoms, polyurethane, a thin and soft plastic. These are worn inside the vagina in order to form a barrier that prevents the semen to reach inside the woman’s body. These prevent women against pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections.

Ques 2: How should one use female condoms?

  • First and foremost, it is important to know that female condoms should be put in place before having any kind of sexual contact to ensure that a pregnancy doesn’t occur. The condom comes sealed in a small packet and should be taken out carefully not damaging it at all. It should have a small ring at its closed end, from which you need to hold the condom and insert it inside the vagina. The condom should set such that the larger ring at its open end covers the vaginal opening completely.

Now, while having sex one should take care that the penis enters only the condom and not the area between the condom and the vagina. After the intercourse is complete, you may just hold the condom from the outer ring tightly, in order to prevent the semen from leaking out and pull out the condom gently. The condom must be disposed in a dustbin and not flushed off as it could choke the drains.

Ques 3: Who all can use these?

  • Female condoms can be used by everyone who do not mind touching their genital region. Apart from this, there are no physical conditions under which these can be used or not used.

Ques 4: What are the various benefits of using female condoms?

  • Female condoms have the following benefits:

  1. Effective upto 95%.

  2. Prevention against STIs.

  3. Prevention from pregnancy.

  4. Available for instant use.

  5. No medical side-effects.

  6. Allow women to take control of their lives.

Ques 5: Are there any disadvantages too?

  • Yes, there can be a few disadvantages if the condoms are not used properly:

  1. If not inserted properly, the condom can break or tear, breaking the prevention barrier.

  2. Female condoms are not as easily available as male condoms.

  3. Female condoms are slightly expensive as compared to male condoms.

  4. For some, female condoms might feel like an interruption, for this, they can try inserting the condom early on, to make it a part of their whole act.

Ques 6: Are there any things to be considered before or while using female condoms?

  • Indeed, there are a few aspects that need to be considered before you use a female condom:

  1. A condom can be inserted as much as 8 hours before an intercourse, so you can insert it during the foreplay as well.

  2. One condom should be used only once.

  3. It is likely that a female condom could get pushed too far into the vagina during intercourse, however, it is not a reason to worry as one can pull it out easily. However, in that case, sex should not be continued as then the condom would not provide complete protection.

  4. The penis should not touch the vagina before inserting the condom as that could lead to conception or infections.

  5. Using sharp edged toys or articles during the act could damage the condom.

The queries and their resolutions listed above lead us to believe that female condoms are too an effective method of preventing conception and STIs. Moreover, these let women take control of the situation and keep their own guard up in case that of their male counterpart drops.

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