Top Ten Foods to Trigger Female Sexual Desire

Stress, fatigue, illness or even too much work load, any among these could be the reason why you don’t feel like getting along with your man these days. Through proper treatment and communication with your partner and doctor you could indeed resolve these issues and get your normal love life back. However, that would take some time; but if you are looking for some instant solution that could trigger your libido for the night, then that lies very close to you, in fact, it’s in your kitchen itself!

Yes, a host of foods that we commonly consume have the ability to boost our libido and hence, those could be included in the meal before hitting the bed to have complete pleasure. The best aspect about these foods is that these can be easily found in our kitchens and can be very conveniently included in our diet. Let us explore which foods are these:

  1. Broccoli: Though not very pleasing to the eyes, broccoli is a wonder food when we talk about boosting female libido. It contains high amounts of vitamin C which improves the circulation of blood through the body and is also known to impart towards boosting female libido. Just include it in your diet in the form of a salad or roasted platter and see it work wonders on your sex drive!

  2. Black Raspberries: Looking for a fruit that could shun away bedroom boredom from your life? Then, go ahead and grab some black raspberries! These berries, consumed with or without seeds are mood up-lifters and boost one’s libido in multitudes!

  3. Figs: The next super foods for boosting your performance in bed would be figs. These, when consumed even as many as five, help in the secretion of pheromones and stimulate fertility in an individual.

  4. Watermelon: Though it is known that watermelon is 92% water, the rest 8% of it is what you would require if you are looking forward to a night of pleasure. Watermelon contains citrulline, which when dissolves in the body, results in Viagra-like effects on the body by relaxing the blood vessels, and helps one have ultimate sexual pleasure. The most interesting aspect is that it is low in calories as compared to other popular libido boosters like chocolate.

  5. Eggs: If you have been feeling low on energy of-late, then eggs are what you should be consuming. Eggs are high in proteins and are incredibly low in calories. These contain amino acid L-arginine, which is known to be useful in treating low libido issues in women and is even helpful in treating erectile dysfunction in men.

  6. Cloves: Use cloves to actually ‘spice-up’ your love life! Cloves, when used to infuse flavor into apples or a dish or even to add a spicy zing to tea, can be quite helpful as an aphrodisiac. Alongside, it helps in treating bad breath (good for kissers!) and is a popular treatment ingredient for male sexual dysfunction. So, go ahead and try spicing up your food with cloves before you make out this time!

  7. Ginseng: Ginseng, the natural and true version of it, is a vital sex-improving ingredient and has been known for this purpose of it’s since long! Regular consumption of ginseng is known to boost the libido in about a month and gives complete satisfaction through the act.

  8. Lettuce: Well, that salad bowl is not just good for your waistline, but is good if you need to improve your performance in bed as well especially with that lettuce in it! Yes, lettuce contains opiate, which helps in the working of the sex hormones. Hence, if you consume a bowl of salad with lettuce for dinner, you are sure to rock in bed through the night!

  9. Ginger: Ginger is counted as a wonder food in the Asian cultures, due to the vast number of benefits it has for health. However, not everyone knows that ginger has libido enhancing properties as well, with which it is sure to make you a star performer in bed. Just add some scraps of it to your tea before bed, or add some ginger juice to your drink before you head towards the bed!

  10. Saffron: If you would like to have a hot make out after a wonderful dinner, the saffron is one ingredient that you can use while making your preparations since it is known for its sex-boosting properties. You would just need to soak its strands in some amount of warm water or milk and then add it to some preparation to attain its benefits for your body.

This list of sex-boosting foods reveals that the secret to a healthy and revved-up sex life lies in our kitchens itself. We just need to know about the effects of the various ingredients and use them in the right manner to feel their benefits helping us reviving the lost joy in bed!

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