Tips to Beat Laziness and Look Beautiful during Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a trying time for a woman in lieu of the various kinds of contradictions that go on inside her mind. There is excitement for impending motherhood, but those are accompanied by various kinds of discomforts. There is curiosity about the child’s gender, looks, temperament; alongside, one also feels low for losing the shape of the body and becoming fat; and so on.

Pregnancy Perplexities:

As a matter of fact, the low-sides often overpower the impacts that the good thoughts and ideas have in an individual and this can make one feel very upset and depressed at times. This is also the reason, why quite a few women don’t like to look after their bodies and skin during pregnancy. However, it is important that all women know that their pregnant body is a temporary phase and soon after childbirth they can start making efforts to get back in their original shape. Hence, there is no need to feel upset at any point of time; instead, you should take pride in your impending motherhood and enjoy these days to the most!

The first step towards this would be to leave the laziness and ignorance behind and have a good look at yourself in the mirror. Though you would see a plumper you, but believe us, what you see is indeed beautiful! And there is a little bit more that you can do to become even more beautiful during this glorious phase of your life!

Tips to Accentuate your Looks During Pregnancy:

  1. Experiment with your nails! Though your pregnancy hormones are troubling you a lot these days, they do bring some good as well. As in, your fast growing nails, which can be shaped, painted, trimmed and again shaped and painted. This can be an opportunity to try nail art, new nail colors and even try shaping your nails in new shapes and thus feel good about them.

  2. Love your hair! Your hair, about which you might otherwise be worried, tends to be quite thick, strong and dense during your pregnancy. Thanks again to your hormones, due to which your hair falls less during pregnancy and you can enjoy having thicker hair that is so strong and dense! In fact, you could make use of this phase and make various hairstyles for all your outings during this time and look at your best at all occasions!

  3. Relish your glow! During pregnancy, the blood volume in your skin increases, making your face glow and beam like never before! Believe us, you would never be able to match this glow with any make up after this phase is over. So, now when it is there, enjoy it and match this glow with the best of the outfits and looks and try to look your glowing best during your pregnancy.

  4. A fuller body! The heavier breasts and thighs make you look fuller during pregnancy (yes! ‘fuller’ not ‘fat’!); and this is what gives you a unique look during this time. This is especially for all those who might have small breasts or are very lean. Pregnancy is the time when you can have your much desired bosom size and a rounder body. So, why not nurture this look and get some dresses that go with it and accentuate it!

  5. An altered wardrobe! Owing to all these changes in your body, pregnancy is the right time that you give a complete makeover to your wardrobe and buy new dresses for yourself. You could definitely go in for some unique looks and new styles that compliment your ‘fuller’ body and make it look pretty and make you feel confident of yourself!

Finally, always remember that it is up to you to feel confident about yourself and your pregnancy-look. If you take the above-listed steps and understand the positives that your pregnancy has brought for your skin and body, then it would not at all be a difficult task to have a happy and beautiful pregnancy tenure!

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  1. I simply looked up “how to stop being lazy” and with this, I received a giant list on how to be more productive. I took your advice and set certain tasks for myself each day for ten days and had a very successful weekend yard sale!

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