Benefits of Massage during Pregnancy

Think about relaxation and you end up thinking about a comforting, soothing and relieving massage in a spa! And the one time in your life when you would be ready to do anything for a massage would be your pregnancy time period. This is because of the discomforts that a woman feels during pregnancy, be it backaches, leg cramps, varicose veins and abdominal cramps, just to name a few! A massage in such times seems like a blessing from God as it helps one relax a bit and feel better for at least a while. However, there are quite a few aspects about pre-term massage that you must be aware of:

Benefits of Pre-term Massage:

  1. Lower-back pain: Pre-term massage has been known to be helpful in easing the discomfort caused by lower-back pain, which happens quite often during pregnancy. Even though, a massage doesn’t heal the pain completely, but it does give relief from it for some time when the ligaments are pressed properly and given a mild massage.

  2. Improves Circulation: A therapeutic massage during pregnancy boosts the circulation of blood through the body and thus helps in seeking relief from conditions like leg cramps and varicose veins, which are due to the improper circulation of blood due to the uterus pressurizing the veins.

  3. Stress Reduction: Apart from all things, pregnant women tend to feel quite stressed at times due to the impending labor and the various kinds of physical changes that they experience. A relaxing massage can help them beat this stress and feel relaxed once again.

  4. Promotes Bonding: A massage is also a perfect method for letting your partner connect with you during this time. It is very often seen that men seem to dis-relate themselves from the issues that pregnant women feel. However, if you allow your partner to give you a pre-term massage (just mild, not therapeutic), you would allow him to understand your condition and this would even give you both some time to spend with each other (something that you might not get for quite a while after the baby arrives!).

Other Factors:

A pre-term massage can be a very beneficial thing for a pregnant woman; however, there are quite a few other factors that must be considered in relation to it. The first being about the posture in which you take the massage. The preterm massage cannot be taken by lying upside down on a flat surface as that would put too much pressure on the uterus and sore breasts. Hence, you must lie down on your side or sit with your back straight if it is the back that needs the massage.

Secondly, if you are going in for a professional massage, make sure that they have experienced masseurs who know about the vitals of massaging a pregnant lady. Also, they should have appropriate arrangements for making you comfortable during the massage; the reference here is to a special table with special cavities or padding for the abdomen and breasts.

When Not to Take Pre-term Massage:

A pre-term massage should not be taken if there is a hot bath or sauna session involved as these could harm you and your unborn baby. Also, one should avoid taking the massage if you have a high risk pregnancy or are having any kind of skin allergies. Apart from all these, it is important that you seek clearance form your doctor about taking a massage before going in for it, to be on a safe side!

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