Skin-Friendly Diet for a Teenager

Puberty or Teenage is a difficult time of an individual’s life, not just emotionally as one feels confused within the ideas of being a child or a grown up, but also on the physical level because of all the changes that one experiences occurring inside the body. Teenage features a host of hormonal changes in the body due to which there are multiple affects seen on the various aspects of an individual’s life, including that on the skin. Let’s not forget the pimples, acne and all kinds of skin eruptions that teenage skin tends to get as the gifts of teenage.

Most people prefer to deal with these skin issues by using various kinds of chemical face washes, creams and cosmetics, which at times, even have side-effects. So much so, it has been observed in a few cases that these cosmetics solutions do more harm than good to the teenage skin. So, what to do? The best way is to go natural and make changes in one’s diet itself to beat the various teenage body changes from within. This is how it can be done:

What to Include in a Teenager’s Diet for a Healthy Skin?

  1. Whole Grains: The first step towards altering your diet for having a healthy skin would be to cut the refined foods from it completely. Instead, include high-fiber, whole grain foods in it, which, apart from being rich in Vitamin B, can help in the proper functioning of all your glands, leading to the lesser production of oil and thus keeping your skin healthy.

  2. Cartenoids: Cartenoids contain Vitamin A, which is helpful in dealing with conditions like inflammation, strengthens the skin’s defense system against the clogging of pores and encourages the turn-over of the cells. The increased consumption of spinach and tomatoes can help one make this change in the diet easily.

  3. Zinc: When consuming Vitamin A, it becomes necessary to consume Zinc as well since the benefits of the latter are boosted by the former. Zinc helps in healing of acne, regulates the production of zinc and even helps in controlling the growth of more acne; which makes it an important part of a teenager’s diet.

  4. Ginger: Including ginger in the daily diet of a teenager can help him/her keep the skin healthy as ginger is an excellent antioxidant. Ginger is also a wonderful anti-inflammatory food, which is effective in boosting the glow on one’s skin. Ginger can be added to the daily diet by including its extracts in the juices that we consume each day or to the granola bars or breads that we prepare at home.

  5. Seaweed: An unusual, but excellent source of essential nutrients, seaweed is a rich source of minerals, vitamins, trace elements and amino acids, which help in maintaining the youth of the skin. At the same time, these are required to protect the skin from being affected by free radicals that can damage the skin.

  6. Omega-3 oils: In some cases, teenage skin tends to start losing its moisture, due to which it becomes necessary to provide it with moisture and oiling from within. This can be done by including Omega 3 fatty acids to the diet in the form of flax seeds or some other nuts to the daily diet.

  7. Probiotics: With the sufficient dose of probiotics each day, a teenager can ensure that the intestines perform in the right manner and absorb all the nutrients that are supplied to it. These help in keeping the skin soft and healthy and are essential if you just don’t like to have a bump on your face at any time! Just add some salads to your diet in order to give it a probiotic boost and see the magic happen!

  8. Yoghurt: When talking about probiotics, yoghurt is something you can’t miss. The simplest and perhaps the most delicious way of including probiotics in the diet is my consuming plain yoghurt (not flavored) daily. Yoghurt is helpful in keeping your bowel movements regular and also assists in the toxin excretion process. If these toxins are not excreted properly, these could try to find a way out through your skin and thus damage it. Hence, yoghurt should be a necessary part of a teenager’s diet.

  9. Dark Chocolate: If you would like an anti-oxidant boost for your skin and that too in a delicious way, then dark chocolate is what you need! Dark chocolate keeps the skin healthy due to its anti-oxidant properties and also alleviates the mood, which is quite required in case of moody teenagers!

  10. Vitamin C: Finally, along with a good diet and a healthy dose of probiotics, a teenager’s body requires a dose of Vitamin C each day in the form of orange or aloe vera juice or even grapefruit seeds extract. These being extra helpful in reducing the inflammation in the body, are quite helpful in keeping the skin healthy.

The last words in this context would always be to encourage your teenager to consume a healthy diet and reduce the junk food intake. Though you might have to face some rolling eyes and nose twitches about this each time, but that is the best way to keep your teenager’s skin healthy and glowing always!

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