5 Steps for a Perfect Facial Massage

A good way to feel relaxed and rejuvenate the skin is to have a facial. However, the spas and beauty clinics might charge heavily for a facial massage, plus one might not always be in a position to go to a beauty clinic and spend an hour or so there. Hence, the best way is to learn how one can do the facial herself so that it can be done as and when required and that too in the privacy and comfort of one’s own home!

There are some steps that need to be followed in order to do a facial massage and alongside, one needs some products for it. These are the facial creams and face packs which are suited to one’s skin tone and type. Also, if you are undertaking facial for a special purpose, then too, the products chosen can be picked accordingly. After choosing the products, here is how one moves on to doing a facial massage:

Step 1: Cleansing

As the first step for a facial massage, one must cleanse the face by damping the face with plain water and then applying a cleanser, starting from the throat area, upwards and cleaning the whole face as such. After cleansing, the face must be wiped with a cotton pad in order to remove all the dust, grime and make up from the face.

Step 2: Steaming

The next step for the facial would be steaming, with which ample heat reaches the face making the skin pores open. This helps the sweat glands to open up and discard all the dirt and grime that is held within those. Those who have dry skin can complete this step by applying fresh cleansing oil on the face first so that the oil can penetrate better into the skin due to the heat. However, one must remove the oil immediately after the steaming as that would let the dirt and grime particles seep back into the skin.

Step 3: Scrubbing

The next step for a facial massage would be scrubbing to extract the dirt particles from the open pores of the skin. This process also helps in the removal of blackheads and whiteheads easily. At the same time, exfoliation helps in boosting the cell production of your skin and removes the old, worn out skin cells from the upper surface, making you look young and vibrant. In order to scrub the skin, one can use a readymade facial scrub bought from the market or could even use a homemade scrub made by using materials from the kitchen.

Step 4: Face Mask

The next step would be to apply a face pack. One can choose a natural pack from the market or could make one at home by combining some ingredients from the kitchen that suit your skin type and tone. The face pack should be left on for upto 10-15 minutes and then removed softly with fresh water. The importance of this step is that applying a face pack gives a lift to your face and makes your skin tighter and glowing.

Step 5: Toning and Moisturizing

The last steps in a facial would be to tone the skin with some cooling agent like rose water or some other flower water. Then, to complete the process, the face must be moisturized by massaging the face with a good quality moisturizer.

A facial can help your skin look young and vibrant by removing all the dirt, grime and pollutants from it. Hence, one must undertake this process at least once a month to ensure the health and freshness of the facial skin.

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