Exercises for Removing Double Chin

All of us want round cheeks and a full-looking face. However, no one likes to have a full neck, or double chin, which looks pretty grumpy and dull especially in photographs. A double chin mostly occurs due to the loss of collagen and elasticity from the skin with time. Most people start experiencing it after the age of 20; however, if not handled properly, it can get worse and mar the personality of an individual.

The good news in this context is that one doesn’t need to go on an intensive diet or undertake a surgery to remove a double chin. This can be done by merely practicing some exercises which are very easy to do and can be done at any time of the day. Here are the top 5 double chin removal exercises:

  1. The Tongue Out Move: This is one exercise that can be considered very good for toning the neck and chin muscles. In order to practice it, one might sit or stand as desired and then open the mouth as wide as possible. Then, stick your tongue out as far as you can such that one can feel the pressure on the neck and chin muscles. Hold the position for up to the count of 10 and then relax. This move should be practiced 10 times in one cycle.

  2. The Pout and Tilt Move: This exercise can be done while sitting or standing both. For doing it, you need to stick out your lower lip and form a pout. Hold the position for a second and then lower your chin to the chest by contracting the front neck muscles. Make sure that you upper back doesn’t bend while doing this. Hold the position for a second and then return to the original position. This move should be practiced 40 times split into two sets.

  3. The Tongue Press Move: Sit straight with your back straight and shoulders down and tilt your head backwards to face the ceiling. Now press your tongue against your mouth roof and lower your chin so as to make it touch your chest. This must be done without bending the upper back. Now relax the tongue and bring your neck back to the original position. This exercise must be done 20 times in two cycles.

  4. The ‘O’ Move: This exercise is again done while sitting. For this, you need to sit with your back straight and head titled backwards. Now, hold your lips together and form an ‘O’ with them. Hold like this for 20 seconds; the move should give you the experience of contraction from the sides of the neck and from under the jaw-line. Relax after 20 seconds and then return to the normal position. This move should be practiced 20 times split into 2 sets.

  5. The Head Lift Move: This is yet another exercise that is a remarkable move to get rid of double chin without any surgical methods. The best part it, you can practice this move before hitting the bed or before leaving the bed in the morning as one needs to lie down on the bed in order to practice it. On order to practice this move, one needs to lie on the bed and let the neck hang relaxed on the bed’s edge. Now slowly, let your head twist towards your chin, without bending your upper back or shoulders at all. Hold the position for 10 seconds and then slowly return to the relaxed position. This move should be practiced 6 times, split into 3 sets and should be done carefully as the head turning can make one feel dizzy at times.

The above mentioned 5 moves are the perfect solutions to your double chin issues and can help you get rid of double chin without any kind of surgical methods. So what’s holding you back, try these today and get a picture perfect face in no time!

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  1. Thankfully, neck and chin toning can be achieved without surgery — all it takes is adding a few targeted exercises to your workout.

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