How to do the Smokey Eyes Make-up

There are days and occasions when we all desire to try something new and adventurous. The smokey eyes look is one among those try-it feats. Quite a few of us think that it is a wild and enigmatic look and are overly impressed by it; however, we have our doubts about how to achieve this look easily at home. The following is the step by step guide to get the smokey eyes look at home, without having to spend hours with the beautician!

Steps to Achieve the Smokey Eyes Look:

Step 1: Start the process with a good base. Use an eye makeup primer and apply it all over the eye lids and on the under eyes, so as to form the perfect base that can prevent your eye makeup from being smeared away after some time.

Step 2: Now, its time to conceal your dark circles (if any) and powder the skin surrounding your eyes. For concealing, use a creamy concealer in your under eye region, apply it well and blend it with your skin color nicely using your fingertips. Once done, use a translucent powder to tap it under your eyes. This would prevent any lose eye makeup from settling down on your skin during makeup.

Step 3: Next, using an eyelash curler, curl your eye lashes a bit. A good idea would be to heat the curler a bit before using it as that would let your curls last for long! If you are ready to get more adventurous with your look, you may as well put on false eye lashes, but make sure you fix them well!

Step 4: Its time now to play with some colors! Pick a dark color like grey, plum, navy, shimmery brown, rust, dark green and apply it on your mower lash lines, starting from the crease, outwards. Use and angled brush to merge the color on your brow and to get the right look.

Step 5: Once the color is applied, next you should be merging it along the edges, not allowing any harsh lines to be seen. This can be done using a Q-tip brush or a smudging brush. Remember to smudge on the lower brows as well.

Step 6: After the color is spread perfectly, its turn to define your eyes using a dark colored eye pencil. You may use black or even a dark brown color for the purpose. Make sure that no skin shows between the lashes and the line while doing this to get the perfect finish in your smokey eyes look!

Step 7: With the dark eye shadow and eye liner, your eyes, would get a heavy look, which needs to be balanced with a shimmery highlighter. Apply this highlighting along the brow bone and on the inner corners of the eyes. You can use a highlighting color that suits your skin to achieve that rightly balanced smokey eyes look!

Step 8: Finally, finish your smokey eyes make up by applying mascara on your eye brows. This would accentuate your eyes and give your smokey eyes the perfection your desire the most!

Follow the above given 8 steps to achieve your much-desired smokey eyes look in an easy manner and that too at home itself! So, what’s holding you back, try this for the next party you would be attending and be an attention seeker to the envy of all others!

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