How to Prepare the Perfect Make up Base

A perfect makeup base is the foundation of your beautiful and flawless looks. If you are able to achieve a perfectly balanced base for your skin, then whichever look you might attain for yourself, it would look good on you! However, there are quite a few of us who don’t know the art of making a perfect makeup base and would struggle with various cosmetics to achieve the right balance between them, still to no avail! If you too are among this category of people then the following steps are just for you! Here we explain the right method of applying the makeup base along with precise instructions in what products to use and in which case, along with some handy tips that would help you get the right look easily!

Step by Step Makeup Base Preparation:

  1. Cleanse Up

As the first step, ensure that your skin is well cleaned. You may use a good face wash or a cleansing solution for this job. Also wash your hands well as you are going to use them quite a lot for this entire process.

  1. Concealing Time

Next, its time that you prepare your skin for all the products by hiding all the scars and marks on it. For this, use a face primer and apply it individually on all the marks and scars on your face. Apply the primer properly under the eyes and on all the blemishes and blend them well with the skin complexion. After the primer is done, apply a concealer on your face and merge it well all over the face. Make sure that while doing this, you do not rub off the primer from the individual spots.

  1. Foundation

Now, it’s time to apply the foundation. Choose the foundation color that suits your skin tone the most and pick between a liquid or tinted foundation. In case you are using a tinted foundation, you would require a brush to apply it; however, in case of liquid foundation, you would be able to apply it with your fingertips itself. Merge the foundation well on your skin with your fingers so as to get the right skin tone. Make sure that you apply the foundation on your neck, back neck and lower jaw as well.

  1. Powder up

Finally, you need to fix your foundation on the skin using some loose powder. Use a large powder brush to apply some loose powder on the foundation base so that it is finely set for applying further makeup.

With the powder applied well, you have your perfect makeup base ready, giving you a well-balanced and even-toned complexion. You are now ready to apply makeup according to your dress and occasion.

Some Handy Tips:

  • Make the right choice of the foundation color. To check the same, apply some foundation on your jawline and try to merge it on the skin there. If it merges well, it is the right color for you; however, if you see that portion of the skin highlighted in a different color, then this is not the correct color for you!

  • Remember not to over-apply the foundation. Your foundation should give your skin an even-tone and not mask its natural sheen!

  • This one’s important: the concealer comes after the foundation, if you are using a liquid foundation and before it, if you are using a powder foundation.

  • The powder should be applied first on the areas where your skin is oily and also dab on these areas while finishing the powdering.

  • To get the perfect skin, it is important that you moisturize and exfoliate your skin regularly. After all, a skin that is healthy from within is bound to look beautiful from outside as well!

  • Unless highly required, don’t use primer and moisturizer together as that would give a cake-like look to your face.

  • If you have a fairly-good skin, you might not apply the foundation all over your face. Just apply it on the areas which you would like to be a bit toned down, such as cheeks, nose and pimples etc.

  • In case you would like to have a glow on your face, use a luminous powder in the end. This would give an extra shine to your skin and make your face glow.

  • If you suspect rain or are going to attend an occasion where there might be some emotional moments, then dab your foundation with some water to fix it well and make your makeup waterproof.

  • Apply make up in a well-lighted room. It would be a good idea to have a light fixed above your mirror so as to see your skin-tone properly and get the perfect look.

Use these tips to get the right foundation base for your skin and be ready to be the attention seeker for the next party!

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  1.   I cannot stress enough upon how important prepping is – because it makes your job easier and you won’t have to work so much on “fixing” any issues that your skin may already have. It keeps the skin underneath your makeup healthy and it also helps to provide a smooth finish rather than a cakey look.

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