Tips to Have your Lipstick on Perfectly

Though many of us have acquired the skills of applying the lipstick perfectly with an impeccable ease and comfort, there are quite a few others who might struggle to get the perfect shape and even color on their lips when it comes to applying lipstick. The situation becomes even grave when one is trying to apply a dark color, as the flaws in the shape and even the minutest errors in drawing the lip line could be visible with a dark shade lipstick. Hence, to master the art of applying a lipstick is a necessity for all girls!

The following the step by step procedure for applying the lipstick flawlessly:

  1. Get your Lips Ready: Before you go in for applying a lipstick, make sure your lips are ready for it. They shouldn’t be chapped, dry or cracked as then you would not be able to have the perfect look for your lips. To ensure this, keep your lips moisturized with a lip balm and sleep with a good quality lip balm on.

  1. Pick the Right Colors: The next step would be to pick the right colors for the lipstick as per your skin and hair tone. It is up to you to choose the right colors for yourself as a wrong color could spoil your look instead of enhancing it.

  1. Line your Lips: The next step would be to apply lip liner on your lips. The liner should always be in tone with your lipstick color. In no way should you be using a liner that is darker than your lipstick as that would be a huge fashion blunder! It is best to use a nude liner with a light lipstick to be on the safe side.

The lining should be done over the lip edges mostly; however in case of those who have thin lips, the lining can be done slightly outside the lips to make the lips look broad. Similarly, those with broad lips can keep the lining inwards to make their lips look slim. The lining must be made carefully, maintaining the shape of the lips and should be taken to the lip edges, on order to provide complete coverage.

  1. Now to the Lipstick: There are two ways of applying the lipstick, either directly, or with a brush. You may choose the way that you find most convenient. In either of the ways, you just need to keep the lipstick color inside the lining and try to get an even tone by applying a smooth layer all through the lips. If using a brush, make sure that you clean the brush with a soft, cotton fabric or a cotton swab to remove any color that might be in it already. The lipstick application must start from the center of the lips, moving outwards, filling the whole lip area.

  1. Blot up: Blotting is an important part of this process as it ensures that your lipstick does not color your teeth or doesn’t keep on coloring everything that you touch with them. For blotting, just take a tissue paper, keep it between your lips and press your lips tightly. This would remove all the excess color from the lips and give you a subtle look. Also, blotting ensures that your lipstick stays on for long!

  1. Gloss It Up: Finally, just add gloss to your look by applying a lip gloss as the final touch for your whole look. The lip gloss should be applied just like the lipstick, from the center of the lips towards the edges to give the perfect look.

A perfect lipstick can be achieved only by practice and the precision to decide which color suits your skin the most. Hence, make sure that you choose the right colors and practice applying lipstick well in order to be a pro at this art!


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  1. By lining the outer lines of your pout, a barrier is formed so the lipstick can’t bleed over the edges of your lips. Though a lip brush isn’t necessary all the time, using one will give you greater control and precision when applying your color of choice.

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