Make-Up Tips to Hide Dark Circles and Spots from Skin

Stress, fatigue, sleepiness, incomplete sleep and malnutrition, all can be the possible causes for dark circles under your eyes and dark spots on your skin. Among other reasons, there could also be exposure to the sun’s rays, hormonal imbalance, melasma (a condition that occurs in pregnant women) and injuries. Though there are ways and methods by which you can treat these conditions gradually, when you need to be somewhere in a hurry, only make up is that one thing that can help you hide these. However, it is crucial to know how this should be done so as to avoid resembling a walking vanity case!

The right methodology to accomplish this task would be to brighten the area under the eyes, to cover the dark spots and to even out the skin affected by hyperpigmentation. No, applying a lot of foundation would not do as that would make your face look like a pancake. Instead, use a light layer of foundation and then conceal the dark spots and area on your skin selectively, to hide them.

Here is a step by step description of how this should be done:

  1. Skin Preparation: To start with, wash your face well with water. Then apply a brightening moisturizer which might also have sunscreen or you may even apply a good moisturizer of your choice. Wait for a few seconds and allow the cream to get absorbed in your skin.

  2. Highlighting: Especially if you are preparing for an evening event, then apply some highlighter on your skin as the second step. Just dab some of it on your cheekbones, nose-bridge and the forehead and blend it well on the skin.

  3. Foundation: Now, to even out the skin tone, pick a full-coverage foundation and apply it on your face starting from the center and moving outwards. Make sure you cover all parts of your face with it and leave no corner untouched. Also, pick a foundation that matches your skin tone and avoid the tendency to pick a lighter foundation to conceal your spots. Remember, a lighter foundation would make your make-up highly visible and destroy the ‘natural’ look! In order to cover the spots, cover them individually by applying drops of foundation on them after applying a complete layer all over.

  4. Bronzer: Once you have applied the foundation, take some amber bronze powder which has a tint of shimmer in it and dust in on your forehead, nose-bridge, cheekbones and chin with a large, puffy brush. The left over powder in the brush should be dusted over the neck to allow it to blend into the skin well.

  5. Blush: The next step would be the blusher. Choose the color that matches your natural blusher most from your color palette and apply the blusher on your cheek-apples and nose-bridge. Lightly blend the blusher with a clean brush afterwards to give a natural and merged look to the skin.

With these five basic steps, you have your dark spots and dark circles all concealed. Now, to complete your look, just apply the eye-makeup and lip-color that match your clothes and you are ready to rock! However, just make sure that you don’t over-do it at any point!

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