Importance of Manicure

Whether we do household chores, office work, or craft work, whether we are indoors or outdoors, the two parts of our body that are mostly at work are our hands. Along with being so productive and helpful, these are also an important element in our over-all beauty as a beautiful woman is also defined by the softness and beauty of her hands. At the same time, if hands and finger nails are not looked after properly, these can counter issues like nail chipping or cracking and rough skin. Hence, it is very important that hands are cared for properly.

The best method to do this is doing or getting manicures done on a regular basis. Manicures are like facelifts and facials for hands. As a facial tones up the face skin, supplies it with the required nutrients and also massages the face to ensure a proper supply of blood through its cells, so does a manicure for the hands. The following points will explain in detail, what all can be achieved through regular manicures:

  1. Cleanliness: The first and foremost benefit of regular manicures is that it helps keep the hands neat and tidy. As said earlier, hands are used to do almost every job that we take up and hence, these pick up dust, dirt, grime and micro-organisms from everywhere. Also, if left dirty, these are the perfect carriers for disease causing germs and these germs can also prove harmful for the hands as such. It is therefore, crucial to get the hands cleaned regularly with a manicure.

  2. Nail Strength: Manicures help in ensuring the strength of the nails as well as those too are massaged with moisturizing creams and oils. It is seen that people who get their hands manicured, don’t counter issues like nail chipping and cracking often as the nails are moisturized and cleaned regularly during the process.

  3. Moisturized Skin and Nails: Along with the nails, the skin of the hands is also massaged with oils and creams during a manicure. Hence, this makes the hands soft, supple and thoroughly moisturized.

  4. Nail Care: The manicure process includes the removal of elongated nails or shaping the nails properly along with the removal of cuticles from the nail edges. At the same time, nails are coated with nail paint and protective coats during this process, hence protecting and pampering the nails in all ways!

  5. Anti-Aging for Hands: One interesting fact about our hands is that their skin starts aging much before our facial skin. Hence, it is quite possible that while you are busy identifying the signs of aging for your face, your hands might already age-up or that your hands look much aged that you do in actuality. Undertaking manicures regularly can help one keep the hands soft and firm for long and thus control their aging process.

  6. Exfoliation and Healthy Blood Supply: The massage that one’s hands get during a manicure helps in the removal of the dead skin cells from the surface. This helps in avoiding issues that might arise due to dead skin deposition and also in ensuring a healthy and regular growth of new cells on the hands’ skin. Simultaneously, the massage also regulates the supply of blood through the hands and thus keeps them healthy.

  7. Put Away Bad Habits: It has been found that regular manicures give you healthy and neat nails which are pretty effective in putting away bad habits like nail and cuticle biting. Hence, those who would like to get rid of these habits can sure give manicures a try!

Manicures are indeed a superb method of pampering the hands and getting relaxed after a long week of hard work and fatigue. So, if you haven’t tried taking a manicure yet, do try it at least once and see the difference for yourself!

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