Taking Care of Hair in winters

Though most of us love the warm and cuddly feel of blankets and quilts that winters bring along, our hair might not relish this time of the year that much. Winters bring along cool and chilling breezes, snow for some along with dryness and harsh climate changes (when we come into warmer rooms from chilling outdoors). All of this has a heavy toll on our hair as even if we cover ourselves from the weather, our hair tends to be exposed to it at all times.

Pitying your tresses? Don’t! There are some measures that you can adopt in order to protect your hair from this harsh climate and that too very easily. Read on to know more:

Tips for Winter Hair Care:

  1. Let winters be Lazy for your Hair as well!

Winters are a lazy season for all of us. While many animals go for a long sleep at this time, humans too like to cuddle up in blankets and quilts to avoid the chill; so why should our hair have to work so much? Let winters be a lazy time for your hair as well by washing it less frequently (at the gap of 10-12 days instead of 5-7 days). At the same time, you must minimize the use of hair products for your hair in winters as those could contribute to the drying effect on your hair.

  1. Daily Care

Your hair bears the brunt of the winter season each day, so during the night, it can be a wise idea to apply some mild moisturizing lotion or oil on it and cover it with a scarf before sleeping. This would let your hair feel soft and moist the following day.

  1. Pamper your Scalp

As we all know our skin tends to lose its moisture and becomes dry in winters and so this phenomenon affects the scalp as well! It is thus, necessary to use some scalp nourishing serums to maintain the moisture of the scalp. You may even oil your hair and scalp before washing it to keep it moisturized.

  1. Go in for Deep Conditioning

Regular deep conditioning is extremely important if you would like to protect your hair from the harsh winter climate. You can use some deep conditioning shampoos and conditioners for this task, along with hot oil treatments.

  1. Seal the Ends

A very commonly erupting problem during winters is that of split ends. However, if you keep the ends of your hair moisturized with some good and heavy moisturizer, you can prevent this issue from occurring.

  1. Get Rid of Split Ends

Though the use of a good moisturizer can help you prevent split ends, if in case you already are facing this issue, you must trim your split ends. This is because your split ends give a wearied off look your hair and also make it difficult to manage your hair in general.

  1. Choose your Styles Wisely

It has been observed that wearing tight hair styles during the winter season helps in preventing it from being damaged and even protect its moisture from being worn away. Hence, in winters, it’s preferable to go in for braids and twists other than letting your hair lose or tying it into a ponytail. You may even include some hats and caps in your hair styling regime in winters in order to look stylish and give your hair the protection it so requires!

Everyone likes to be pampered and cared for, especially in the cold climate of winters, so why ignore this liberty for your hair? This winter season, make sure that you do something special for your hair as well by trying the above listed tips for it!

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  1. Make these tips a part of your hair care routine and your hair won t even notice that winter is here. The cold temperature and the lack of moisture in the air make your hair look lifeless, dry, and damaged.

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