Oily Hair and Its Care

There was once a time when people would intentionally keep their hair oiled and greasy in order to get the nourishment from the oil. However, times have changed now and greasy hair is a completely off-date style these days. No one applies oil on the hair all the time today. Even if required, oiling is done before taking a hair wash so that the hair gets the nourishment and also gets cleaned after that. But what about all those who have naturally oily hair?

Yes, there is a large number of people in this world, who don’t need to put in any efforts to oil their hair. It comes naturally to them!

Why Does this Happen?

Well, oily hair occurs because of various reasons and can be a temporary or a permanent problem varying from person to person. Many teenagers have the problem of oily hair during puberty due to hormonal imbalance. Also, in cases, where people have issues like thyroid or pregnancy complications, then too hormonal imbalance occurs, leading to oily hair. In such cases, the body starts producing an increased amount of sebum, which is the natural oil that the body excretes.

In some people, this problem is more permanent in nature due to the fact that they are not taking the right care of their hair and might need to change the hair care products and methods that they use. In both the scenarios, it is important to consult a doctor and seek advice so as to the right treatment mode can be taken up for your hair.

Tips to Care for Oily Hair:

Temporary or permanent, your greasy hair can have some quick fixes if you try to follow the below listed tips:

  • Make sure that you rinse your hair with cool water and not warm or hot water. This is because warm or hot water can assist in the secretion of sebum. Moreover, using cool water would help in decreasing the damage to your hair and cuticles.

  • While you shampoo your hair, make sure that you rinse it very well (for 30 seconds) after shampooing or conditioning. It has been seen that many a times, greasy hair is actually nothing but hair that has not been rinsed properly after shampooing.

  • While drying your hair, try to keep the drying process natural. Using a hair dryer could make the sebum glands secrete the grease and make your hair oily.

  • Astonishing, as it would sound, but you must try to touch your hair less if it is oily. This is because oily hair tends to produce more oil when it is touched, brushed or combed often.

  • In case of people who have oily hair, it is recommended to use clarifying shampoos which help in cleaning the grease and dirt from the hair. This especially recommended for people who use too many hair products as the residues from those products could also be the cause for their hair to be oily.

  • When you are in a hurry and want the un-oily look in a jiffy, you can make use of dry shampoos, which suck the grease from the hair and also add to its volume.

  • The people who have oily hair should try to avoid shine-inducing shampoos and hair products as those contain some amount of oils in them.

  • A wonderful way of avoiding the oily-hair look would be to curl or wave your hair. Mostly, straight hair tends to give a straight route to the oil from the hair roots to spread throughout the hair length. However, in case of curly or wavy hair, this doesn’t happen easily and one can maintain a non-oily look for long.

  • If your find too much oil being produced in your hair roots, then you may use the oil-absorbing hair powders which absorb the excess oil from the hair roots.

Using these tips, it would be quite easy for you to manage your oily hair and care for it well. However, these are just some quick fixes and no permanent solutions. So, in order to find the permanent cure to the condition, consult a doctor soon!

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