10 Ways to Have a Clear Skin

Having a clear skin which looks perfect when clicked, which glows even without lots of make-up, is the dream of every woman. However, not everyone is able to realize is this dream. The reasons being factors like stress, lack of nutrition, pollution, lifestyle flaws, exposure to sun and UV rays etc that harm the skin and make it blemished and wrinkled.

The markets around us are stocked up with a vast range of cosmetic products that promise to give one clear and glowing skin without much efforts. Still, we tend to doubt these claims for the fact that these products are cosmetic and not natural. Cosmetic products, if not suited to an individual’s skin, can harm it more than benefitting it in any way and hence, most of us refrain from using these. The best option left to us in that case is the use of natural products and methods to have a clear, glowing skin.

Here are the top 10 methods of having clear skin that are completely natural and are easy to be followed at home without involving many hassles:

  1. Clean-Up!

The first rule to having clear skin would always be to wash it with clean water well and often. It is important that you wash your face nicely in the morning, evening and before hitting the bed. Also, if you attend gym, make sure that you wash your face well after each session and also clean up well once you come from outside to remove all the pollutants and dust from it.

  1. Handle Pimples with Care!

Though the pimples on your face can get very irritating and even itchy at times, you must take care not to scratch or pop them. Doing this could result in giving rise to more acne and not to mention, inflammation and scars that might refuse to go away in the later run!

  1. Disinfect the Wounds

If in case you tend to have any kind of wounds on your face or it so happens that you end up popping a pimple, then your first step should be to disinfect the wound with 2.5% benzoyl peroxide. This would unclog the pore and would clean off any impurities that it might have.

  1. Avoid Experimenting

When you talk about your facial skin experimenting is not the right thing to do. Your effort should always be to try the regular, medically proven products and not to go in for the fancy cosmetics that might be advertised every now and then. Hence, to make sure that you don’t harm your skin while improving it, don’t use new and fancy cosmetics on it and stick to the high quality, medically-approved ones always!

  1. A Date with Retinoids

Though popular as an anti-aging solution, retinoids are a wonderful way to fade the spots on the skin and to build collagen in it. At the same time, it also prevents acne to occur on the skin, when used in the correct manner. Using retinoids is very simple, you just need to apply a pea-sized drop of those on your face before hitting the bed and remarkable results would be apparent to you within no time!

  1. Treat Pimples Early:

If your treat your pimples early, you could save yourself a lot of hassles. You could actually intervene in the development of the pimples at this stage by starting with anti-acne treatment even when you see that the pimple is not really formed as yet.

  1. Don’t Over-treat:

However, preventing pimples doesn’t mean using too many anti-acne products. Hence, use only one trusted method for keeping your face acne-proof to prevent making your skin too dry or burnt-out due to the use of cosmetics on it.

  1. Avoid Stress:

Stress is also one of the prime reasons for the development of acne. Due to stress, your skin starts secreting more oil and thus the pores get clogged, resulting in acne and pimples. Hence, distress yourself with meditation, exercise and warm baths regularly to keep you skin clear.

  1. Protection is the Key:

Above everything else, if you need your skin to stay clear from any kind of blemishes, you need to protect it. Use a good sunscreen to save your skin from harsh UV rays (which can be more harmful when you use anti-acne products) and also keep n washing your face frequently to prevent the pores from getting clogged.

  1. Repair the Scars:

Finally, to attain a clear skin you need to make sure that you pay attention to the scars that are given by your earlier pimples and acne. Using a good scar treatment solution for this purpose can be a good solution for this purpose.

With these ten simple-to-follow steps, attaining a clear, blemish-free skin would not be a difficult task for you. So just step up on these methods and race towards a clear face today!

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