Baby Development- Week 6

While for most mothers, the arrival of week 6 of their baby’s life would mean the end of the confinement period, for many others it could be a time when they spot their baby smiling for the first time!

Physical Development:

The appearance of the first smile on your baby’s face would mean the development of its facial muscles and reflex movements. Sing a song to your baby or simply talk to it as your moving mouth and changing expressions are the ones that entertain it at this moment.

Baby’s Activities:

When playful, your baby moves its legs and arms a lot as a sign of enjoying its time. Encourage your baby to do so more often as this playfulness is also an exercise for it!

The Thing to Watch Out:

Babies around this age develop a liking for music. You too could try to sing or play some soothing music for your young one. You never know, one of those tunes could stay as its favourite for a long time! You could also be due to meet your paediatrician this week; so go ahead and seek an answer for all your queries!


Tips for Week 6:

  1. In case you have been breastfeeding your baby, you might be getting advises to start bottle-feeding the baby in between feeds. The decision, however, to do or not to do so is completely yours!

  2. You might introduce some musical or complex toys to your little one now as those would encourage its motor skills development along with that of its senses.

  3. Wondering why those tresses of yours are deserting you these days? Well, this is yet another post-partum issue faced by most women and would soon be resolved!

  4. With more than a month past your delivery, you might be feeling normal now and might consider resuming your sex life. Just look into your comfort level and move ahead.

  5. The cooing done by your baby while playing is a way to interact with its toys or a call to you for seeking your attention!

  6. With your baby becoming more aware of its surroundings, it might try to reach to the things around it; making it necessary for you to shun the habit of throwing things here and there!

  7. Your baby is not having anything more than milk at this time; hence it is important for you to concentrate on your diet so that all the nutrients are added to the breast milk you provide it with.