Baby Development- Week 5

With the days passing by, you find your baby getting more communicative. He grunts, coos and gurgles with you and all those around it in order to communicate with them.

Physical Development:

Along with various kinds of sounds, your baby is also trying to achieve its first step towards independence now, i.e. lifting its head. While lying down, it tries to discover the things around it and the nearest among those are its fingers and toes.

Baby’s Activities:

Your baby might start spending more time playing with its hands and fingers now, thus giving you some time to relax while sitting close to it. Provide with him a toys mobile in its cot or a play gym to add to its list of toys!

The Thing to Watch Out:

Along with making varied sounds itself, your baby turns to the various sounds that occur suddenly in its surroundings. Even though it might not be able to identify the correct source as yet; but its reactions to sounds would help you recognise its tastes and temperament.

Vaccination Call:

Your baby is up for the second dose of HBV around this time; so check with your healthcare provider about this.


Tips for Week 5:

  1. Your baby’s sneezes and hiccups could disturb you and make you feel worried; however, those are common conditions in infants which should not be taken very seriously.

  2. Postpartum urinary incontinence is a common trouble faced by women that can be treated easily by doing kegels repeatedly many times a day.

  3. Cracked nipples giving you pain? A light massage once a day and patience are the keys to cope up with this temporary situation.

  4. Troubled by your baby’s abrupt sleep routine? Just grab some sleep in the day along with it to relax yourself and don’t mind seeking help from your partner.

  5. Baby having clogged nose? This is a common condition with babies that can be cured by using a saline to clean the baby’s nose every second day.

  6. Wearing layered dresses or specially designed maternity wear can help you feel easy while nursing the baby in public places.

  7. Changing climates make it difficult to predict if it would get cold for your baby; hence, keep some warm clothes handy always while travelling with the baby.