Baby Development- Week 4

From around this week, you might start observing a variety of wailing sounds being created by your baby. Well, with each sound it creates, the baby is trying to communicate a different thing (a dirty diaper or hunger or the need to be held etc), a different need and starting to assert its personality.

Physical Development:

Your baby’s digestive system is working in full swing by now and this might result in some farting sounds from its side. Don’t get worried about that as with its increasing activities, this issue of flatulence would also be sorted.

Baby’s Activities:

With its reflex movements getting better, your baby would be interested in hanging toys by now. It would hence, be a good idea to introduce a play gym to it. That would also bring it in contact with more colors and shapes, which it can recognise better now.

The Thing to Watch Out:

Using disposable diapers regularly could lead you to see some diaper rashes sometime around now. Applying some oil on its tushee could be a helpful tip for avoiding those.


Tips for Week 4:

  1. Your posture is something you should be very careful post delivery as any carelessness with it could lead to various kinds of pains and sprains or Postpartum backache.

  2. Loosened ligaments and stretched out muscles post delivery can be treated by taking massage sessions regularly for a few days.

  3. You might be tempted to go out with the baby around this time, but take a thorough check of the place where you are heading. You might unknowingly expose your little one to lots of germs and infections!

  4. Wondering what oil is best for your baby’s massage? Any vegetable oil can be considered a good option or else consult your paediatrician!

  5. Amid the rush to feed the baby at regular intervals, it is quite possible to ignore personal diet; but it is important that you don’t do this as you too need to be fit for taking care of your baby!

  6. Baby crying after taking feed means that it needs more milk; so don’t ignore that wail after the nipple is taken off its lips!

  7. Do you have a night-waking baby? Well, keeping the baby busy through the day with playfulness and giving him ample action in the play gym could help it sleep through the night!