Baby Development- Week 3

The arrival of the third week of your baby’s life might mean an increase in its appetite. Yes please! The little one is growing up! So, make sure that your baby has enough to satisfy its appetite during each feed. This could also mean an increase in the number of feeds or lessening of the time gap between those; so gear up!

Physical Development:

An increase in appetite means the baby gaining weight. Additionally, the baby’s, until now jerky and abrupt movements could smoothen up a bit this week. Also, you might notice that the baby tries to look around more now. This is because its fuzzy eyesight is sharpening a bit; however, it would take a few months to become absolutely clear.

Baby’s Activities:

You could find your baby staying quiet and looking around for short durations now. It is trying to discover the world in which it is! So, use this time well and try some baby talk. Even though it would not understand what you say, but your mouth movements and expression changes are sure to entertain it!

The Thing to Watch Out:

You might find your baby indulging in crying bouts around this time. It could be colic as babies so young do not have any major activity. Perhaps, it is feeding on milk alone that is making it a bit colicky. In any case, try to sooth a crying baby by swaddling it or singing a lullaby. Your love, after all, would be the most comforting thing for it!