Baby Development- Week 2

You just cant have enough of looking at your baby till now; and same is the case with your partner. But he might have to rejoin work now. Ask him to spend ample time with the baby after returning home to make up for all those lost time!

Physical Development:

Your baby’s umbilical stump might fall off soon after drying completely; so watch out for the moment. If required, you may consul with your paediatrician about the care that should be taken after that. Your baby is still adjusting to the newly found weather conditions, so help him/her do that by not exposing it to the prevailing weather all of a sudden.

Baby’s Activities:

Apart from sleeping, peeing, pooping, crying and feeding, your baby’s latest activity is to meet the visitors, an activity that could hamper its sleep routine. Just take care that your baby sleeps well and that the visitors have clean hands while picking up the baby.

The Thing to Watch Out:

Your baby’s skin color might seem to be becoming a bit dark now. That’s because of the melanine levels rising. Slowly, it would have the skin color that it would sport for the entire life. You might also spot some red or white spots on its skin. Just ignore them as those are results of its skin adjusting to the outside environment.