Baby Development- Week 1

After a long wait of nine months (or more!) your baby is finally in your arms! All those pregnancy pains and discomforts seem to have vanished now; don’t they? Enjoy this moment to the most; however, from now on you need to keep a track of your baby’s proper growth and development as it adjusts to its newly found environment.

Physical development:

Your newly born baby should weigh about 6 pounds and should be nearly 20 inches in length. It might be looking quite pink and fuzzy at the moment; however, its features would become clearer within a few days. Also, it is only after a few days that you would be able to see its actual skin color.

Baby’s Activities:

Your baby has no other activities at the moment other than sleeping, dirtying the diaper, taking milk and then again sleeping. In fact, it would be spending most of its time sleeping (which is important for its growth!) during the first few weeks of its life!

The Thing to Watch Out:

Your baby’s eyes cannot see objects beyond 10cms clearly. Therefore, the best way is to hold it close to your face and then let it have a look at you.Your baby looks at the darker parts of your face at the moment; these are your eyebrows, hairline and your mouth as you talk. As it grows, it will start focussing on the other features as well and would start recognising you above others!

Immunization Call:

Your baby would have got its first dose of Hepatitis B vaccine (HBV) already. After five days of its birth, it would be checked for Jaundice and given vaccine accordingly.