Your Pregnancy Week 44

This is the farthest that you could go in your pregnancy, and this week you are bound to meet your little one. So, Congratulations!!!!

What is happening at Week 44?

By the time your reach the 44th week of your pregnancy, your baby might be too large for your uterus to accommodate. It might also not be getting adequate amounts of oxygen as your placenta could have started deteriorating. However, you need not be bothered about your baby’s health as most post-term babies are born perfectly healthy and are over-active.

This week you are bound to undergo labor, through one of the artificial means (induction or c-section). However, if your cervix has dilated already, your doctor might even try to strip your membranes to allow the baby to come out without having to operate on you. Still, it completely depends on your condition which mode of delivery is chosen by your doctor.

Nevertheless, the good news is that your baby is coming into your arms this week and all your 44 week long wait is about to get over! Cheers to the newborn!!

Symptoms at Week 44:

The 44th week of your pregnancy, is the final junction for your pregnancy journey, which means all the symptoms that you have been experiencing till now, would soon be over. However, there are a few of those that you would continue to experience this week as well.

  • Your full grown baby is putting ample pressure on your digestive system and thus, you could have extreme constipation this week. However, concentrating on taking a healthy diet and including lost of fibers in the meals is the key to beat this condition.

  • The weight of your baby is straining your back badly and this is leading to severe backache. This condition is bound to stay until you deliver your baby. However, cope up with it, you can make sure that you sit, stand and lie down in a comfortable position with your feet slightly raised while sitting and resting.

A Tip for this Week:

If undergoing a c-section, you might need to take some additional precautions post your delivery. Hence, inquire about those from your doctor and plan the coming few weeks accordingly.