Your Pregnancy Week 43

Having reached the 43rd week of your pregnancy, you and your baby could put your doctor in some worry. Hence, it is time that you zero in on an artificial mode of labor soon!

What is happening at Week 43?

At 43 weeks, your baby is not putting on any weight; however, its head is still growing larger (which could be a cause of worry!). Your little one is fully developed by now and is just waiting to make an entrance into this world.

Your doctor would feel concerned about your baby this week as this is the time when your placenta might start deteriorating. Till now, it has been supplying your baby with adequate amounts of nutrients; however, now, since the labor date is well past, it would start deteriorating, because of which your baby might start losing weight. Also, your baby has been growing till date (and might be doing that till now) and it can so be that its head has grown too large to be pushed out of your uterus. In which case, you would have to undergo a c-section.

When you meet your doctor this week, he/she would analyze your condition and that of your baby and let you know the possible option for you as it is quite likely that you would not have to wait for your baby’s arrival any longer than this.

Symptoms at Week 43:

At week 43, you could encounter a few of these symptoms:

  • Your growing baby is constantly putting pressure on your pelvis and this could result in extreme pelvic pains. These occur mostly when you are changing postures or have been standing for too long. Hence, in order to avoid these pains, you must change your postures slowly and take rest at short intervals while doing tasks that involve standing for too long.

  • The huge pressure of your baby on your blood circulation has already resulted in varicose veins. This week, however, you could also feel slight pain in those adding to your discomforts.

  • The strain on your veins in the rectum could lead to their swelling and eventually, hemorrhoids; that could be quite painful to manage. Consult your doctor about this discomfort and try to stick to a comfortable posture that could help you cope up with this condition.

  • The wait for your baby’s arrival and the fact that the due date has been left far behind, could mount up your anxiety levels and thus try to drive you crazy this week. It is otherwise important to maintain your sanity at this time by indulging yourself in activities that can keep you occupied and let you stay happy and pleased.

A Tip for this Week:

Your doctor might suggest you to undertake induction this week; however, it is important that you know that induction has its own risks. In case induction fails, you might have to undergo a c-section in emergency circumstances which could prove to be risky to you and your baby.