Your Pregnancy Week 42

Your tardy baby would have long finger nails if it makes an entry this week; so make sure you have a baby nail clipper ready for its first manicure!

What is happening at Week 42?

If you have reached the 42nd week of pregnancy, your doctor would surely like to monitor your and your baby’s health this week by taking non-stress tests and biophysical profiles. This would be done just to ensure that everything is fine with you and your little latecomer.

If your baby arrives this week, it would have dry, wrinkled, peeling and cracked skin as the protective covering of vernix had been shed quite some time back due to the impending labor. However, these conditions would be temporary and your baby’s skin would normalize soon after its birth. Also, it would have long fingernails and hair and absolutely no trace of lunago on its body.

By this week, you would find yourself feeling pregnant since ever. However, what seems to you to be a post-term pregnancy might actually not be so as there could be a miscalculation in your conception date and hence, for your due date as well. This happens more frequently in cases where women have irregular ovulation cycles or have uncertainty about the last date of their periodic cycle.

This week, your doctor might discuss with you (if he/she hasn’t done that as yet) to take the option of inducing labor. Make sure you clarify all your doubts about this route before you go in for it!

Symptoms at Week 42:

By the time you reach week 42, you are perhaps tired of your pregnancy and the various symptoms it brings along. However, there are a few that you could experience this week:

  • You are likely to feel more frequent Braxton hicks contractions around this time in preparation for labor. These contractions are random; however, if you find these getting regular, you should call your doctor as that could be an indication of actual labor.

  • As labor might be just around the corner at this time, you are likely to experience bloody show or waters breaking. Both of these are signs of impending labor but do not mean that you got to rush to the hospital. However, it is important to get in touch with your doctor as any if these happen.

  • With labor fast approaching, the fluid levels in your body could be reaching their peaks, leading to edema (swelling in the feet and ankles). This situation can be coped up by resting with feet raised high.

  • Your body prepares to receive your baby this week and might hence start leaking colostrum, the yellowish fluid that comes before breast milk. Use breast pads to prevent the leakage from showing to others.

A Tip for this Week:

Feeling strong contractions at the gaps of five minutes and that last for 45 seconds or so? Its time you call the doctor as most likely, your baby is knocking to come into your arms anytime soon!