Your Pregnancy Week 41

If you are reading this page, then certainly, you are expecting a late comer! But don’t worry, you are not the only one sailing in this boat!

What is happening at Week 41?

At week 41, your baby’s endocrine system is gearing up for its delivery. It has been revealed through research that hormones (produced by endocrine system) in the baby’s body send messages to the placenta to start the labor process. In fact, the amount of hormones produced by your baby at this time is so high that it might not produce this many hormones ever again in its life! However, this is an important process that prepares your baby’s body for its life outside your womb.

When you meet your doctor this week, he/she might discuss induction with you. This would be an artificial way of triggering labor; however, this doesn’t mean that you would not be going in labor on your own. Hence, there is no harm if you wait for some more time and allow nature to take its course.

Symptoms at Week 41:

At week 41, you are perhaps tired of witnessing the various signs and symptoms of pregnancy; however, there is no option but to cope up with those, till the time your baby comes in the this world!

  • As your baby drops in your pelvis, the pressure exerted by its head on your bladder makes you feel the need the pee more often. This more frequent urination can be quite troubling since you might also be having leg cramps and pelvic pains as well. Though there is no way to stop this symptom, bending forward a little as you stop peeing can help you stay away from the washroom for a little longer.

  • The swollen veins in your rectum, also known as hemorrhoids, could give you a hard time this week. One of the easiest methods to cope up with this condition is taking some time out for soaking in a tub of warm water. However, taking any medications for the condition would not be advisable.

  • The pressure of your grown up baby could lead to severe pelvic pains, which can be coped up with by lying down in a semi-sitting position with your hips slightly elevated.

A Tip for this Week:

It is important to keep yourself occupied with some productive activities that can help you stay calm and relaxed so that the worries about the baby’s delayed arrival don’t overtake your mind. Some such activities are reading, manicure/pedicure, watching movies, catching up with friends and making preparations for the baby’s arrival. You might just not get time soon for doing all this once the baby arrives!