Your Pregnancy Week 40

You and your friend were due around the same time and she has already delivered; so why is your baby not coming yet? He question is valid; but remember, every baby has its own pace of development and its own time of arrival. Still unconvinced? Talk to your doctor!

What is happening at Week 40?

By week 40, your pregnancy has officially come to an end. However, if you have still not delivered, you might be asked by your doctor to wait for a few more weeks as the baby might want to make a late entry!

Your baby should weigh nearly nine pounds now and should be about 21 inches in length from head to toe. It rests in a curled position in your womb at this moment as the space is all cramped up. Its brain is developing constantly and any time now it could make a knocking to report its impending arrival.

It’s natural for you wonder why your pregnancy has been stretched too far. However, as matter of fact, more than half of the pregnancies get past the 40 weeks period. Hence, what you are going through is nothing abnormal.

Symptoms at Week 40:

This week, you could be facing some or all of the following symptoms:

  • Your cervix, the channel through which your baby would make an appearance, would be opening up this week in a process known as dilation or effacement. You might not feel this happening but your doctor would examine you for it once your reach the hospital and based on it you would know the time of your baby’s arrival.

  • Troubles while sleeping could be on their topmost height this week making you feel insomniac. It is recommended that you find a posture that would make you feel comfortable and relax while lying in that or ask your partner for a relaxing massage to help you soothe your aching back, instead of opting for any over-the-counter medications.

  • You might observe your energy levels to fluctuate this week. Some of your might feel ever so energetic and while some others could feel like lying down and just relaxing. Both conditions are natural and it is best to just go with the flow and keep yourself relaxed and happy in any way.

A Tip for this Week:

If you feel suitable, and if your doctor agrees with you, you could try some methods on your own to trigger labor. Some of these methods are taking long walks, having sex, practicing acupuncture and acupressure. However, make sure that you keep your doctor informed about this step and also have all emergency contact numbers within easy reach!