Your Pregnancy Week 39

Any day could be the D-day now! Make all preparations in advance so that you are not running around at the final moment!

What is happening at Week 39?

Though your baby has just been putting on weight since the last week, reaching up to eight pounds now, its brain is where all the action is taking place. Its brain is developing at a rapid pace and this rate of development would stay steady for the first three years of its life.

Apart from the brain, your baby’s skin is also witnessing changes as it is finally taking up a white color. The actual color of its skin would be seen only after a few weeks of its birth (thanks to pigmentation) as all babies are white and pink at birth. Along with pigmentation, your baby would also develop tear glands within a few weeks of its birth. Hence, even if it cries, you would not see any tears in its eyes yet.

You might be feeling as if you have been pregnant since ever by now. Indeed, the last few days of pregnancy can be quite trying and uncomfortable; both physically and mentally. However, just try to keep control over those thoughts and wait for the time to arrive!

Symptoms at Week 39:

Some of the symptoms that could trouble you this week are:

  • You could be experiencing slight contractions, that are not times, you are experiencing Braxton Hicks Contractions (aka practice contractions). However, even if you have not experienced these, there is nothing to worry as not everyone experience these.

  • Your baby could also be moving very little around now, displaying a slowdown in fetal activity due to the unavailability of space for it to move about. At the same time, its movements are pretty organized now as against the involuntary movements it made earlier.

  • Your amniotic sac might open up this week leading the breaking of waters. This would feel just like a sudden gush of water down your pelvis and would not bring a flood as you might imagine. This would be a sign that labor is approaching and that you need to move to the hospital now.

  • In these final weeks, your backache could be worse; hence, making you feel terrible as you walk, sit or stand. Taking a warm water bath under a shower could help you seek relief from this condition.

A Tip for this Week:

It’s high time that you learn about the signs of labor and also about the ways to differentiate those from the pains and cramps brought by pregnancy. Breaking of waters, removal of the mucous plug, nesting instinct, diarrhea and bloody show are among the significant labor signs that you must be aware of to detect labor in time!